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Gordon Moorehead, also referred to as George Moorehead, Gordon Mooreland, Gerald Moorehead, George Moorecock, and Jeremy Moorehead, is a fictional detective and the protagonist of the radio and television show Gordon Moorehead Rides Again.


The show was about a politically incorrect detective on the Vice City Broadcasting System during the 1940s and 1950s. The show is credited for helping to "glamorize life round here (Vice City) and helped make Vice Beach the popular destination it is today". The show, entitled Moorehead Rides Again, was repeated on Vice City Public Radio in 1984 (the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories), 32 years after it was cancelled (suggesting the show was cancelled in 1952). During 2013, the setting of Grand Theft Auto V, its television equivalent was broadcast on CNT and advertised as "a classic from when misogyny was cool".

The co-star of Moorehead Rides Again and Gordon Moorehead's assistant/side-kick is Molly Malmstein. Moorehead treats Molly as a woman with low intelligence. The show, Moorehead Rides Again, seems to emphasize the problem of sexism, as he routinely slaps Malmstein across the face, with Michaela Carapadis (a feminist in Vice City), known to be against the show.

Moorehead reinforces the 'stereotypical man' of the 1950s, as he hates Communists, believes all foreigners are uncivilized, is incredibly misogynistic and reaches conclusions based on very little evidence.

Moorehead Rides Again was described: "With its non-stop action, pithy writing and believable characters Moorehead seems like a show made only yesterday".

Moorehead is honored on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.

Murders committed

  • Lily Banbury - (killed to apparently stop her from becoming a prostitute)
  • Pete Banbury - (killed by Moorehead because he was under the impression he was leading a prostitution ring)



  • In the Heists Update, a plastic mask of Gordon Moorehead was added.