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Gonzalez's Crew is a Hispanic syndicate led by Gonzalez in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Reni Wassulmaier introduces Victor Vance to Gonzalez and his crew. Vic then flies Gonzalez's helicopter to protect his boat. Later on Gonzalez invites Vic to a game of golf. Gonzalez tells him that if he can play golf good enough then they can start working together. Vic ends up getting a perfect hit assuring an alliance between Gonzalez and Victor. Vic later goes to Gonzalez' hotel in Vice Point, after a short talk Gonzalez reveals he cut his boss Colonel Juan Cortez's cocaine to make a side profit and informs him of the drugs in a lockup at Ocean Beach and he wants Vic to take them to a deal at Washington Beach. After a botched deal Gonzalez ends their business relationship.

Ricardo Diaz sends Victor and Lance Vance to steal some drugs from Gonzalez's men and bring it to his mansion. This makes Gonzalez send his men to ambush the Diaz Cartel's deal with the DEA, but thanks to Vic Vance, Gonzalez's Crew were unsuccessful. Diaz then captures Gonzalez and they make a deal. Gonzalez will work for Diaz as well as leaking him information for any shipments he knows about, in exchange he keeps is guns and life.

They are last seen blocking the entrances to the airport while fighting off some Sharks trying to attack Gonzalez for his shipment of guns, until Gonzalez safely takes off in his plane with the shipment.

It is unknown what happens to Gonzalez's Crew after this. Most likely they disbanded once Gonzalez began working with Diaz and rejoined with Colonel Juan Cortez. It is assumed Gonzalez received protection from the Diaz' Gang in 1986 shown in the mission Treacherous Swine, where Gonzalez is killed by Tommy Vercetti.

Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City Stories


  • Gonzalez' Crew may well be, the most well armed gang in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, as they're the only ones to make use of M16 rifles apart from the soldiers in Fort Baxter.
  • Along with Diaz' Gang, Gonzalez' gang are both allies and enemies with Victor Vance. It depends on whom he works for (if he works with Gonzalez, the gang are friends with him, but if he works for Diaz, then they are enemies with him).
  • They are also both rivals and allies with the Diaz Gang.