"You never write to me! You don't call! You treat me like a fucking whore! Like one of YOUR whores!"
— Catalina.

Gone Courting is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Catalina from her hideout in Fern Ridge, Red County, San Andreas. It is unlocked by the mission First Base and any one of the four robbery missions given by Catalina.


Catalina shows her love to Carl by tying him up and torturing him. This mission unlocks two out of a possible of four robbery missions given by Catalina.

Post mission phone call

Carl Johnson: Heeeello!

Catalina: Why you so cheery? You thought I was one of your cheap whores?

Carl Johnson: Baby, you gotta chill the fuck out and-

Catalina: I'll chill out when you get here! You better hope I don't turn your testicles into kebabs when you do.

Carl Johnson: Look, this ain't no-

Catalina: No more talk! Get your ass up here, now!


  • For some reason, the territories controlled by Varrios Los Aztecas will be handed over to Los Santos Vagos after Catalina's post-mission phone call. Since it is very easy to miss if you decide to start the next mission, the Aztecas will still retain their territory in Los Santos if you do, even if story-wise they are supposed to have lost them already.

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