Go Loco Railroad is a railroad company connected to GoPostal featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


The company's name is a play on the saying "Go Crazy", since Loco means crazy in Spanish, and is also a short form of the word Locomotive. They appear to be the only railroad operating in San Andreas during the events of Grand Theft Auto V. Since the company's name is of Spanish origin, this further suggests the possibility that it is a parody of Rio Grande Railroad (Denver And Rio Grande Western or D&RGW as known by most train enthusiasts). However, Rio Grande only operated track in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico and has been defunct since the late 1980s (specifically regarding the merger between the Southern Pacific railroad in 1988-1989, which in turn merged with the Union Pacific in 1996). Go Loco appears to operate a fleet exclusively of unique types of diesel locomotives reminiscent of various different EMD diesel locomotives (especially the GP38), and haul a wide variety of freight (mostly consisting of various intermodal traffic).


It seems to be based on the color scheme of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (now part of Union Pacific) and the logo is similar to that of Guildford Rail Systems (now Pan Am Railways) and coincidentally nearly identical to that of GoRail in Estonia. 



  • They have a building in La Mesa that appears to be abandoned.   
  • The Go Loco logo is very similar to that of GoPostal.
  • It can be assumed that Go Loco operates nationwide (or throughout most of the nation like the Union Pacific's system), as their trains can be seen during the Prologue mission in the state of North Yankton.
  • An Easter Egg is actually present on the sides of the locomotive's cab. The number of the actual locomotive (which does not vary in any particular way) reads: "LS2004". "2004" represents the year of San Andreas' original release, while "LS" denotes "Los Santos"; the main overall setting for GTA V and one of the main settings for GTA San Andreas.
    • Their slogan/motto, "We Aim Not To Go Off The Rails", is another Easter Egg, a double meaning in that they both strive to not derail their trains and to not get angry, presumably with their customers and staff/employees, much like how GoPostal's motto also has a similar double meaning.
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