"A global courier services company that will deliver anything, any time, except for customer services."
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GoPostal is the official postal courier delivery service in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The player can buy stocks from the company on the LCN Exchange website.


The company is based on the real world counterpart, Fedex Express. The company's name, as well as the service they provide, is a reference to the term "Going postal", which is slang for somebody who has gone into a psychotic rage. This is further emphasized by the company's tagline: "We aim not to lose it". A branch of Go Postal has a train delivery service which is branded with a similar logo design which reads "Go Loco Railroad". Loco, in this context, is the Spanish word for "crazy", further emphasizing the company name.


It is one of the two main delivery companies in the game, the other being Post Op. The owner of the company and when it was founded is unknown.

The company uses distinctly liveried Boxville and Pony vans for deliveries and has three processing buildings in Los Santos. They are located in Downtown Vinewood, Pillbox Hill and Los Santos International Airport.




  • The logo features the unique Ⓟ sign similar to registered sign ® and copyright sign © used in many other trademarked products or businesses in the game. The Ⓟ symbol is for sound recording copyright. But this is not a sound recording or a sound recording company. It is likely that the Ⓟ symbol stands for 'parody', as the Ⓟ logo is used on other fictional company logos.
  • Looking closely, "Go" part of the logo is simply a curved arrow pointing to a 270° circle. This is a reference to the hidden arrow seen in FedEx's logo between the E and the X.
  • In the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto V, the company's tagline was supposed to be marked on the bottom rear sides of the Boxville, but in the final version, it is ommited.
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