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Gloria Hole was a character mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV.

According to A History of Liberty City, Hole was a cross-dressing director general. He had lost his right leg in an industrial accident while preaching the good word to some Native Americans by attempting to blow them up with a cannon, which backfired.

Mentioned as being a puritanical and self-righteous man, he hired by the East Indian Trading Company in the spring of 1647 to help New Rotterdam to help return civility and productivity to the colony.

Within weeks, Hole banned many activities, including drinking alcohol, smoking, fornicating with Native Americans, Texas Holdem, missing church, anal beads and laughter. He also imposed strict fines for male camel toe and whistling in public. This wasn't well received and the city was burned to the ground.


  • Gloria Hole is based on Peter Stuyvesant.
  • "Gloria Hole" is a play on the slang term "Glory Hole."