This page lists all of the possible glitches encountered in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

List of glitches

Airport Gate Glitch

The player can open the front gate of the Easter Bay Airport before CJ acquires a pilot's license. First, they have to go up to the left sliding gate, punch it, and then they need to turn away quickly, and it should slide open.

Ambulance Glitch

Sometimes, if the player has killed a lot of pedestrians and they run away from the corpses, there is a chance that an Ambulance will still appear near the corpses, but when the player gets close or checks out the vehicle via a sniper scope, there will be no paramedics coming out of it. When the player encounters the said Ambulance, its emergency light can still be seen lighting on. This is more than likely a glitch.

Ammu-Nation Glitch

The player must go to any Ammu-Nation shooting range, and make sure CJ is dating Katie Zhan. Then, they have to go to any weapon challenge, and enter the "suicide" cheat. When CJ respawns at the nearest hospital, he will not have any of his weapons. Then, he must pick up either a pistol, Micro Uzi, Shotgun or Assault Rifle and it will have infinite ammunition. The player will then not be able to switch weapons, but saving and then loading after doing this glitch will let the player not only switch weapons, but all weapons in the player's possession will have infinite ammunition, with the ammo counter glitching every time the player shoots. It is also possible that if the player does this glitch, it will affect other save games.

Ammu-Nation Clerk Glitch

If the player shoots the Ammu-Nation clerk in the head with a sniper rifle, the clerk will open fire briefly on the player before he drops dead, but his head will still be attached to his body.

Barricade Glitch

Before San Fierro, Whetstone and Flint County are unlocked for the first time to the player, there is a glitch. If Carl reaches the bridge that connects Los Santos and the Flint Intersection, he will have a chance to see that some vehicles will pass through the blocking barricades that cannot be driven through normally and go on to Flint County. It is unknown what kind of in-game factor causes this. This also happens to the Garver Bridge and the Montgomery Intersection before the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom is completed.

Basketball Glitch

Saving at Madd Dogg's Mansion can cause a glitch rendering all the basketball courts in the game inoperable. This doesn't appear to happen all the time (and may not be an issue with the PS2 version), but it is not recommended to save at this safehouse. This glitch can be repaired using external tools.

Big Smoke mission Glitch

During the cut-scene where Carl and Big Smoke enters the Perennial, if the player inputs the "All Cars Explode" cheat while Carl says "Yeah, that's cool", the Perennial will explode and Big Smoke will be killed. A MISSION FAILED sign will appear as soon as the trick is performed, but the pop-up message (Big Smoke is killed) won't appear on-screen. This may indicate that Big Smoke was an actual mission that allowed the player to drive to the Vinewood Cemetery, but was edited before final.

Bike School Glitch

If the player has completed all courses in the Bike School with silver medals or gold medals, and then comes back to the school, the FCR-900 or NRG-500 will sometimes be transformed into the Freeway. However, returning to the school once more after driving far away from it may fix the glitch, where either of the aforementioned two bikes will re-spawn.

Buzzard 1 Glitch

It is possible to steal the Police Maverick (Buzzard 1 by its code in the mission) in the mission Reuniting the Families. First, the player must drive the Greenwood to the motel, then after the cut-scene ends, input the "Pedestrians attack with golf club" and Jetpack cheat. The Buzzard 1 will leave in a strange trail, the player must need to chase after the helicopter with the jetpack. At a certain point, the pilot will land the Maverick. Sometimes the door will be open after the pilot lands. It is possible to steal the Police Helicopter at this time. If the player controls it successfully, they will find the special spotlight under the copter itself. However, if the player somehow activates the button to the spotlight, the normal one will also display along with the scripted one. This is confirmed in the PC version.

Caligula's Glitch

If the player reaches the door to the roof of the Caligula's Casino with a 3-star wanted level or more and then gets out via the door, the LVPD officers will spawn on the roof and begin to shoot at the player. This would be unrealistic since people cannot get to the roof in this way. While attacking, some officers may accidentally fall off and crash to their deaths if the player looks on closely.

Car Spawn Glitch

When the player is driving down any highway in the State, the player may randomly encounter NPC cars that spawn inside of each other, thus they will be stuck and will give off sparks, then both cars will start smoking and eventually explode. The cars can be freed by simply hitting them with CJ's car. Cars may also spawn stuck half-in and half-out of the ground, usually at a 45 degree angle and with their rear end submerged in the road. This seems to occur most frequently on long bridges, such as the Gant or Garver Bridge, for unknown reasons. They usually just go the same speed as the other cars, but some may kind of bump around and explode. It is unknown what factor of the game causes these glitches, however it could happen due to the low frame rate while playing the game.

Casino Glitch

If the player has more than 3-star wanted level inside the casino, the cops that spawn inside will act like a regular pedestrian. Casino guards will shoot the player instead.

Continuity Error 1

If a Police Maverick gets very close to Carl and the player shoots it down rapidly with heavy firepower, the megaphone lines used by the pilot (E.G. You're going down, hard man, right now!) will still play despite the helicopter is subsentially destroyed and then crashes onto the ground. This is more than likely a glitch.

Continuity Error 2

If players attain a three-star wanted level or more and then provoke a gang war, Police Mavericks can still spawn and perform attacks on the player during the battle with the rivals despite the wanted level being reset.

  • It is possible that the gang warfare is considered as a crime by the police and the LSPD responds the helicopters to eliminate it.
  • There is even another possibility that the helicopters are hired by rival gangs to help defend their territory and finish CJ off.

Destroying them before the battle ends does not affect the wanted level, however.

Deceased Cop Glitch

Sometimes, if the player manages to snipe the cop on the driver side while he's driving away from afar, the cop will chase CJ even though he was already killed. When CJ tries to jack the car, the door will be locked and the dead cop will stay inside the car.

Deceased Cop Glitch 2

Sometimes, if the player has a wanted level and tries to kill the police officer who manages to get out of the police car and display firearm at Carl, the officer will still do the get-out action even he was indeed shot. However he will either suffer or die from the player-made damage as soon as he gets out of the car. In some occasions, the officer will still immediately begin shooting at the player after getting out of the car as if he wasn't shot.

Driver Glitch

Shoot random objects near a garage (i.e. Doherty Garage), wait until a car hit to the garage vehicles or the wall, then push it before he/she reverses except if the garage is still empty, then go away from the garage. The driver will disappear. This can work to garage that besides the street except Prickle Pine Safehouse & CJ's House.

Driveway Beagle

On the southernmost block of Fort Carson, there is a Beagle that spawns in the driveway of a house, stuck between the house and a large palm tree. It is unstable, as even the slightest nudge or push can cause its left engine to catch on fire and explode. Entering it is not recommended, as it will also lead to imminent destruction. Sometimes, it just explodes immediately, even if the player never touched it. This glitch is most likely a coding error. However the Beagle must have not been intended to spawn there. It is possible to get it out by sprinting against its backside and nudging it out from between the house and the tree, or by using several cheats

End of the Line Mission Glitch

After completing the mission End of the Line, all law enforcement vehicles will disappear from the player's garages (police cars, Rhinos, and even the SWAT Tank). This may be a glitch, but it is most likely to stop players from obtaining the SWAT Tank (as End of the Line is the only mission to obtain it and the vehicle was never meant to be available during normal gameplay). The player can, however, obtain the tank if they fail the mission, whether accidentally or on purpose. To do this, the player must fail the mission and then drive it into a garage. However, the player will still be unable to complete the mission and retain the vehicle.

Escalators Game Crash Glitch

On the PC version of San Andreas, if CJ is at a place containing escalators with moving steps nearby, like The High Roller's entrance in Las Venturas or inside Verona Mall in Los Santos, and the player starts rotating/flipping the camera around, this might cause the game to crash to desktop. It's not known if this glitch is present on PS2 / XBOX console versions of the game.

Fence Glitch

Sometimes when CJ climbs a wall that is ontop of a platform, like the fenced hedges CJ encounters in the mission Tagging Up Turf, halfway through the animation CJ will get instantly wasted. The unknown reason why this happens helped the rise of the popular Heart Attack myth, with players believing that CJ's death is scripted when he tries to climb while being obese. Players most often encountered this glitch during Tagging Up Turf, when you need to jump over several fences to get to the second tag, including the bugged ones.

First Mission Glitch

In the first mission, when C.R.A.S.H. drive CJ around in their squad car, the player can enter the Jetpack cheat when the car stops at the level crossing. CJ will be killed and will re-spawn at the nearest hospital. If this is done correctly, the player will be able to go inside nearly every enterable structure at the very beginning of the game, including clothes stores, and sometimes the player can enter Jizzy's Pleasure Domes when San Fierro is unlocked. Some bridges may also be unlocked, although crossing them still gives the player a four-star wanted level.

In the PC version of the game, this glitch seems to be patched particularly, as the player cannot enter Millie Perkins' Home through this way.

First Mission Extra Glitch

  • If the player types "Pedestrian riot" cheat (PC:ROUGHNEIGHBOURHOOD) as soon as the Police Car drives towards and stops at the railroad crossing in Idlewood/Jefferson, the C.R.A.S.H. officers will all get out of the vehicle and begin to join the riot. Then, after the Freight Train passes, the police car will automatically be driven without a driver.
  • It is possible to kill the C.R.A.S.H. officers at the track. First the player should type the said cheat above before, and then, after the trio are out of the car, type the Vortex/Hunter/Hydra/Stunt Plane spawning glitch and quickly input the "All Cars Explode" glitch. The trio would likely be killed by the chain explosion. However this doesn't affect the game itself and the cutscene will continue on normally.

Garage Glitch

If Carl tries to push a vehicle wreck into a garage, the wreck will sometimes disappear for unknown reasons before it could be moved into the garage. This happens more frequently if the wreck touches the side doors of the garage or the garage door. This happens on all versions of the game.

Ghost Bike Glitch

If CJ rams into a motorcyclist and then quickly drives off whilst looking behind CJ's vehicle, the pedestrian disappears and the bike will drive with no one on it. This happens if CJ is far enough away that the ped disappears whilst they are doing the 'get on' animation. The bike reads that the driver is getting on, and drives like normal but without the pedestrian. The bike will drive normal until it's flipped over or jacked.

Ghost Tug/Baggage/Tractor/Forklift Glitch

If Carl carjacks a Tractor, Tug, Baggage Handler or any other one-seater vehicle from the right side, he will slam the driver's head into the dashboard rather than hitting him. When he does that, the vehicle will move by itself because when stealing any other 2-seated car, e.g. Premier from the passenger side, the driver will attempt to drive off.

Ghost Vehicle Glitch

If the player drives a combine harvester and hit the drivers door gently, the driver will be gone as if it was killed by the harvester and the vehicle will drive itself normally without anyone inside. If the player hijacks the vehicle, CJ will get in the vehicle and still be able to drive it around normally.

Girlfriend Glitch

Strangely, Carl's girlfriend is immune to any type of damage inflicted by satchel charges. She is, however, vulnerable to gunfire and all other types of damage.

Gym Glitch

When CJ hits his daily workout limit, the game internally takes note of the day and month of when he hit his limit, e.g. June 12. However, it does not keep track of the year. Because of this, when the new year comes around and CJ tries to work out, the game compares the current day and month to the day and month it has on record of when CJ last hit his workout limit. So if it's January 1, the game will compare this to June 12 (referring back to the example). Since the current time now appears to be before the last time CJ hit his workout limit (since the game does not keep track of the year), the game will not let CJ work out. He will not be able to workout until June 12 finally rolls around again.

If CJ hits his daily workout limit, this glitch is inevitable. To avoid being affected by this glitch, make sure CJ does not hit his daily limit - always stop working out before he hits it. If the limit is hit accidentally, it is advised to not save the game.

This glitch can be repaired using external tools.

Helicopter Glitch

When the player has a three-star wanted level or higher and is in an area with steep hills, like San Fierro or northeast Los Santos, police helicopters will sometimes spawn underground. The helicopter's rotor blades will show up through the street; they won't hurt CJ.

HPV-1000 Glitch

Strangely enough, despite being a police vehicle, if an HPV-1000 is either controlled by a motor officer or Carl Johnson, cars driven on the street will not affect by the siren of the motorbike. On the other hand, the player cannot use this vehicle to invade the police impound lot without triggering the 3-star wanted level afterwards.

Interior Glitch

If CJ enters an interior while having a parachute on and the player switches to it, the altitude meter will be all the way at the top, because Carl is in the Hidden Interiors Universe. This is technically not really a glitch since all of the interiors are located in the sky.

Invincible Pedestrian Glitches

Carjack a vehicle with a passenger in it, keep the speed up so the passenger doesn't get out and run away. Drive down a beach and into the water, the car will stop and begin to sink, letting the passenger get out. However, the passenger will be running against the door as the car sinks. If Carl gets on the roof and pushes the passenger away from the door, the passenger will "run" to the shore and begin to run down the beach. Since NPCs are meant to die when they go into water, the passenger will have a black targeting reticule and will be "undead"; since the passenger is technically "dead", the passenger will be invulnerable to all forms of damage for a short time until they fall over dead.

Another way to exploit this glitch is to steal a car from a pedestrian, so that the ped will chase Carl. Drive his vehicle slowly into a Pay N' Spray garage, so that both Carl and the pedestrian are inside at the same time. When the garage door opens back up after the car gets resprayed, the pedestrian will be invincible and will not die even if their target reticule becomes black. If Carl tries to run over the pedestrian with a vehicle, they will go through it and he will shimmer and distort out of proportion.

If Carl somehow gets the invincible pedestrian fallen into a body of water, the pedestrian will not perform the drowning action and will still do the chasing action towards the player.

Invisibility Glitch

In Downtown Los Santos, there is a building with floors on the outside that the player can stand on. On the floor in the middle of two other higher floors, they can see very little of the interior of it in some places, while others, when they look at just the right angles, make CJ invisible, but only in that spot looking in that angle. If the player has a jetpack on and do this, the flames will show. The building is straight across the highway from an Ammu-Nation.

Loading Glitch

If the player loads a game save and exits the safe house (if the game was saved in a safe house) or waits for the game screen to display if saved at a save point, the game may rarely fail to load the texture of San Andreas and will become stuck soon after exiting. This only happens in PC version.

LSPD Officer spawns at Random Places

When the player loads a save file and plays about 1-2 minutes after load the save file, an LSPD officer usually appears walking on the street, this even happens if the player had saved the game in rural areas, San Fierro, or Las Venturas. This happens much more in the mobile version due to an unexplained error, where an LSPD officer spawns at the player's current location when the game is played for some time.

Melee Weapons Automatic Change Glitch

If players manage to pick up a lightly harmful melee weapon such as the nightstick while they have a heavy melee weapon like the chainsaw in their melee weapon slot, the nightstick will be automatically obtained with the chainsaw being removed from the current inventory, even if they have not tapped the changing weapons button. It is unknown if this was an oversight from the game developers or a simple glitch. This does not occur if the opposite situation happens, as players have to tap the changing weapons button instead.

Monster Glitch

The player must obtain a Monster and park one wheel onto a random car's hood or trunk. The wheel must glitch by pressing against the Monster's body. Next, they must get out of the Monster, get in the car CJ parked on, and the player may find themselves spinning high in the air, crashing back down to earth, or respawning somewhere else. Also, if the player manages to glitch the tire of the vehicle while it is moving onto the hood of the car, the car may fly into the air, merge into the ground and potentially stretch out, or catapult the Monster into the air.

Moonwalk Glitch

If, while sprinting, Carl takes a picture with a camera by quickly pressing the right mouse button (to aim) and right after, the left mouse button (to take a picture, almost at the same time), CJ should be running with the slow running animation, but with the sprinting speed, making him look like he's sliding on the ground. The higher the FPS, the easier it is to do (Tested on PC).

Mountain Bike Glitch

Obtain a Mountain Bike and, while Carl is riding it, the player must hold down Square and tap X very quickly. If done correctly, CJ's body will shimmer and distort out of proportion. This glitch appears to be possible only on the PS2.

Ninja Jack Glitch

The ninja jack glitch allows the player to kill the driver of a vehicle while hijacking it from the passenger side. This can be done by entering a car from the passenger side and holding the 'sprint' or 'jump'-button and 'move forward' just before the player sits down on the passenger seat. When done correctly, CJ will skip closing the passenger door and push the driver out, who instantly falls to their death. Its term was popularized by multi-player communities where it is sometimes used to grief other players. It is also commonly used by speedrunners since CJ won't close the door while jacking, making it slightly faster. It also prevents the driver possibly attacking back.

No Traffic Glitch

Sometimes, if Carl is driving or flying really fast over San Andreas and abruptly stops or lands, no cars will spawn on the road, although stationary vehicles and pedestrians do spawn (much like the "GHOSTTOWN" cheat). This glitch can be fixed by simply activating a sub-mission or entering an interior. This glitch also sometimes occurs if CJ dies inside an interior. Then, when CJ spawns at the hospital, there will be no traffic.

Palomino Creek Broken Bridge Glitch

The broken wood bridge located in the west of Palomino Creek can be used to trigger a seemingly-considered glitch. If the player attacks a vehicle roaming in the town from the east side of the bridge with a carbine rifle or a sniper rifle while vehicles are visible, the vehicle will speed on and sometimes rush towards the bridge. Once upon reaching the bridge, the driver may crush the vehicle onto the fence of the bridge, after that, the vehicle will simply drive ahead and end up falling into the water below, killing the driver and the passenger (if have). Sometimes, the driver will successfully perform a stunt jump and continue driving.

Parachute Glitch

If the player falls down from a low height with a parachute, the result of the fall is the same as falling from great heights without maximum health or with a not-in-use parachute. This is more than likely a glitch. It is likely because the game thinks that Carl is falling from a great height when wearing a parachute, as the parachute is intended to be used at a great height.

Parachute Glitch 2

If the player has a parachute but doesn't deploy it yet or is still doing the opening parachute animation when CJ hits the ground, the health bar will deplete instantly and CJ will be killed. Cheats, hacks, mods or trainers couldn't prevent it from happening. This is probably because the game consider the player are still 'falling' when the opening parachute animation is triggered thus making this glitch.

Parachute Hold Glitch

If the player switches to a parachute and presses F1 to toggle replay mode, the replay will have CJ hold the parachute rather than having it in his back. This is more than likely a glitch. As the parachute counts as a weapon rather than a vehicle.

Paramedics Glitch

Rarely, the player can spot a paramedic running towards a disappearing NPC corpse. The paramedic will still lie down and the animation used for paramedics rescuing a collapsed pedestrian will still be played. When the paramedic finishes his "job", nothing will happen, since the corpse has been already cleared out by the game factor before the paramedic could react. This happens more commonly during the events of the riots.

Pedestrian Comments Glitch

Sometimes, if a pedestrian somehow gets killed while commenting on Carl's appearance, Carl will still be looking at that pedestrian. And if the player presses the answering button before Carl moves his head out of that pedestrian's sight, CJ will still reply that NPC by positive or negative words. This is known as a continuity error.

Pedestrian Reaction Glitch

Sometimes after completing End of the Line, some pedestrians across the state won't react to the player attacking them. Instead of fighting back or running away, they continue walking as if nothing happened.

Phone Glitch

Whenever the player is answering a call and fall from a short gap (doesn't make CJ fall flat to the ground), and then tries to enter a vehicle (but don't enter it, just make CJ opens the door) and then walk away. If this done correctly, CJ will hold his phone and not putting it away. This glitch is more likely to happen at the end of the conversation, just before CJ put his phone away. However, changing weapons would revert the glitch.

Phone Call Glitch

If the player inputs the jetpack cheat at the same time the player answers a phone call, all of the lines will be skipped at once in a short time.

Railroad Signal Glitch

In San Fierro, the two railroad crossings in Doherty have glitches on the signals; the barriers appear too high up and too far to the right. They are functional, but do not spawn correctly.

Recruiting NPCs in a Casino Glitch

If the player enables the "Recruit Anyone" cheat and then enters a casino before displaying firearms and recruiting normal NPCs (including casino staffs and customers) inside, the recruited NPCs will begin to help the player attack the casino guards and they will receive damage from the guns.

Rural Police Officer Glitch

If the player reaches Santa Maria Beach, Mulholland and some places, they may have a chance to find a rural police officer wandering there, although the rural police have no property to control the city area. Rangers may also spawn driven. Also, in the mission Wrong Side of Tracks, if the player and Big Smoke kill the targets in a short time, after returning to the city, a rural police officer may spawn, despite they're in the city. This is likely a spawning glitch.

Running over Pedestrians Dialogue Glitch

Many characters in the game the player does missions with have scripted reactions to Carl running over pedestrians. However, due to errors in the code they don't trigger as intended. The reactions will only trigger if the player runs over pedestrians with a Quad or when gently pushing them against the wall without making them fall.[1]

Taxi Driver Mission Glitch

A glitch can occur when the player begins the Taxi Driver mission, but no fares are available. It happens when the player has crossed over the map boundaries (e.g. flying too far away from San Andreas). It is advised to complete the Taxi missions very early on in the game to avoid this glitch.

Random Plane Crash Glitch

There is a common and sometimes irritating random factor of the game where airplanes crash to the ground or into buildings near CJ (with sometimes fatal or mission-failing consequences). Most crashes occur if the player is roaming around an area with many tall structures around them. The airplane may crash into one of these structures, making an audible explosion sound. However, there are also some instances where the player is on relatively flat ground and an airplane may just crash straight into the ground near them, or into the vehicle the player is in. Other crashes occur after CJ exits an interior after being inside for a few minutes and an aircraft spawns too low. Random crashes occur all around the state, most notably around Downtown Los Santos and San Fierro, or also in heavily-forested areas like Whetstone. There are also frequent crashes on top of Mount Chiliad. This is likely because the game spawns NPC controlled planes without any paths and at random heights.

Taunts Glitch

Carl Johnson can sometimes still be heard saying something bad to the police even if no wanted stars have been attained. This usually happens if the player eliminates their wanted level via cheats or other means, and CJ will sometimes still begin to taunt.

Tear Gas Glitch

If the player throws a Tear Gas canister into a crowd and then performs a stealth kill on any NPC in the crowd, every NPC affected by the Tear Gas will undergo the same stealth kill animation and die at the same time. Because of this, it is advised to do this glitch against crowded enemies like in a gang war.

Train Glitch

During the mission End of the Line, the player will encounter an engine carriage of a Brown Streak. Unlike most trains that appear during missions, this one can be hijacked (with the penalty of losing Sweet, thus failing the mission). If this train is jacked, other trains will appear on the player's track, passing through the player's train.

If the player has left a train at Cranberry Station in Snail Trail, then another train will pass through it for the target to get on. The second train is useful to trail the other as it goes faster than the Sanchez; however, there is a little catch up required though this will not fail the mission.

Unsolid State of San Andreas Glitch

This glitch requires the use of Super Jump and Jetpack cheats. To do this glitch, go to Colonel Fuhrberger's House and activate the Super Jump glitch. Then, go on the second floor and head for the door of his bedroom. Don't enter it, just jump out of the ceilling and Carl would appear on top of his house interior. Now activate the Jetpack cheat and place a marker at the Boat School. Then fly all the way to the boat school and enter the red marker. The TV screen will appear with a test preview as normal. Enter a test and the sky is still white when being noticed. Exit the test and the TV screen and Carl will fall through the dock in the water bellow. The entire map (except a small part of Doherty) will be unsolid and the majority of the map will be in LOD (very low quality). The only way to explore the map is through Jetpack or use of boats and aircraft that can land on water (such as Skimmer). Also, the minimap will be empty (only icons will appear) and the text bellow will read "San Andreas" instead of "Bayside Marina" for example.

Vehicle Spawn Glitch

If the player managed to gain maximum altitude before leaving the city and travel to another city and quickly gets out of the aircraft before it crash landing at the destination, the vehicles which are not native on the destination city will spawn briefly, either driven or parked. E.G. a Greenwood is seen parked in The Strip, Las Venturas.

Walk Underwater Glitches

There are various glitches that allow CJ to stand on the sea floor and walk around as if he was on land: 

  • If CJ hits a fence with a motorbike, and he ejects from the bike and lands in the sea, he may land on the surface of the water as if it were solid ground. Then, after he does the "Getting Up" animation, he may suddenly drop down and appear on the sea floor.
  • The player must begin a multiplayer session. Next, they need to get any amphibious aircraft (Sea Sparrow, Skimmer, Leviathan), and fly out into relatively shallow water. Then, they need to land in the water, and have the player in the passenger side get out and hijack the driver. The driver will fall out, and suddenly appear underwater on the ocean floor, and he will be able to walk around without a breath meter. This glitch is only possible on the PS2 version.
  • In the mobile version of the game, dive in the water until reaching the bottom. Then close the game from the multitask menu (Android or iOS) and reopen the game, resuming it from the main menu. CJ will be in the same place, but he will be standing on the ground.

Whetstone Highway Glitch

In Whetstone, near Angel Pine, sometimes traffic can be found driving the opposite way even though the highway itself is one way only. This is because a small road leading to the highway is a two-way street, and it turns into a one-way when it merges to the highway.

Wu Zi Mu Glitch

If the player inputs "All cars explode" cheat just as they drive their car to the marker that activates the mission "Wu Zi Mu" and before the screen turns black, the game will usually tend to crash, but in rare occasions, the cutscene will still play, but once the player is ready for the race and sees the countdown, they will find that the health bar is empty and their vehicle is wrecked. To proceed with the mission, the player should input the health cheat before the countdown ends and then the mission will continue as usual.

In the PC version, the glitch has been patched, as once the player inputs the cheat, the game will change its screen to the nearest hospital as CJ was "wasted" during the short period of time between free roam and the introduction cutscene.

Flying Train Glitch

In the mission Snail Trail, if the player follows one of the Freight trains that spawns in the opposite direction to the Brown Streak, the Freight will make a right turn off the tracks at Cranberry Station and fly across the map until reaching the tracks at Red County where the train will make another right back onto the tracks and continue on its journey like a normal train. Viewing this glitch to completion requires failing the mission.

This is caused by the path file within the game only being coded as far as Cranberry Station. When the train reaches the end of the path, it heads directly for the next set of coordinates, which are located in Red County, way across the map.

Busted Glitch

If Carl is arrested during the riots and somebody kills the arresting officer, the BUSTED sign will not disappear.

Second Busted Glitch

If Carl is arrested (either vehicular or not) with his health bar depleted out at the same time, there will be a chance that the on-screen message reads WASTED instead of BUSTED, however the officer who arrests Carl will still taunt at him, but CJ usually won't insult back anymore.

In rare occasions, when the WASTED sign will replace the BUSTED sign, CJ can still be heard taunting the officer even with an empty health bar, but seemingly his mouth won't move when he is saying. The two situations are more than likely glitches, as in the second case this is known as a continuity scripted error.

Third Busted Glitch

Police officers can arrest Carl Johnson whenever he stays on the ground while having a low wanted level, for example, if Carl gets run over by a random vehicle and a police officer comes close, the officer will do the arrest animation and CJ will be arrested, which is unrealistic. This doesn't happen in the HD Universe, but is a common glitch in the 3D Universe.

Police Vehicles Glitch

Sometimes, after a flight between cities, police vehicles from the starting point would still spawn on the player's destination.

Third Person Train Glitch

Main Article: Freight It is possible to drive a train in third person on GTA San Andreas.

Plane Glitch

Note: To activate this glitch, the player must unlock all areas of San Andreas. The player must take a random flight from a city to another city. After that, when the plane cutscene is going on, they need to enter the "All cars explode" cheat. Carl will be killed and when he respawns at a hospital, the player can see that the view is in cutscene mode and the health bar, money bar and map will disappear. Even saving is impossible to deactivate this glitch. However in the PC version, if there are any ambulances beside the hospital, and CJ gets in and triggers the vehicle mission, the cutscene mode will disappear. This can also happen if a similar vehicle mission is triggered. This has been confirmed.

Police Car Spawn Glitch

If the player dies in an area which is patrolled by different police vehicles than the police vehicles that stalk the area that the hospital is in, the police vehicles that spawn at the place where the player died may spawn incorrectly in the vicinity of the hospital when the player resurrects there. This glitch also occurs when CJ is released from the police department after being arrested.

Pedestrian Glitch

Next to the bridge that connects San Fierro and Bayside Marina a glitch may occur. Sometimes the pedestrian will spawn half inside the road or foot paths and half outside the road or foot paths, this glitch can be witnessed at anytime during the gameplay. However, it is unknown this is a glitch or a bug. This glitch can only be seen in Bayside Marina.

The Walk Through Bridge

In Los Flores there is a small, slanted bridge going over a motorway. The side supports of this bridge are not solid and can easily be driven through with a bike.

The Walk Through Hill

Just North of Mount Chiliad, and South of the big radio transmitter at the top of the hill, there is a small beach. From here head slightly to the left and there is a hill in the front which can be walked through. This allows the player to look under the map, as well as through the ground and into buildings in the distance.

A Home in the Hills Glitch

  • If the player types "all cars explode" cheat as soon as the first cut-scene (Andromada flying over The Camel's Toe) ends, after the Triads parachute off, the player may have a chance to find CJ invisible (however the player's health bar is empty after CJ parachutes off the plane, so if they want to keep this feature, they must input "replenish health" cheat(HESOYAM) and then get to Madd Dogg's Crib in order to proceed the mission). This feature will not be restored by completing the mission nor saving, but will be eliminated if CJ is wasted or busted. If the player taps replay button on the PC version while this feature is remaining, the model of Carl can still be seen.
  • If the player types a spawning car cheat (etc. KGGGDKP (spawning a Vortex)) during the Triads' parachuting cutscene, and then types the "All Cars Explode" cheat soon (but before one of the Triads jumps off), the Triads will all die, but Carl will jump off as normal and the mission is not failed because of this. When getting to the rooftop, no Vagos members will be there, thus eliminating the rooftop shootout.

Vehicle Wreck Glitch

If the player's driven aircraft is destroyed by any means while the Carl is still inside it, the wreck of the aircraft will sometimes disappear by itself without any reason upon getting destroyed, only the WASTED sign appears on the screen. This is confirmed in the PC, Android, and iOS versions of the game.

Incinerating Vehicle Glitch

If the player inputs "Cars of Death" cheat into the game and then somehow enters a vehicle while on fire, the vehicle will sometimes still explode after a while, disabling its invulnerability. This more than likely a glitch. However players can prevent it by entering the cheat before entering desired vehicle.

"Cars of Death" Cheat Code Glitch

For some reason, when the player gets into a boat while the "Cars of Death" cheat is active, after aboard, if the boat is attacked too many times or the player simply inputs "All Vehicles Explode" cheat, the boat will still explode, and if the player is still controlling it, they will end in a fatal result. It is unknown if this was a leftover from the cheat, or simply a glitch.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Glitch

  • If the Glendale is destroyed during the cutscene which Big Smoke and Carl find the Vagos gangbangers, such as triggering a car bomb upon getting to the Unity Station, the mission will continue on as normal and not end in a failure.
  • If the player inputs "Pedestrians attack each other with golf club" cheat as soon as the train is due to leave the station, there is a chance that the train will stop by the conductor. Then Big Smoke could shoot at the gangbangers anyway. However it seems that the fourth gangster who would usually get killed during the chase is invincible and cannot be killed, thus making the mission become endless unless the mission fails by any means.
  • If the player inputs the said cheat in the second section, during the cutscene which Big Smoke and Carl find the Vagos gangbangers, the four Vagos gangsters, who usually just stand at the top of the tunnel, will start attacking each other but not to one of their deaths. After that they will stop attacking and the cut-scene will revert to normal.

Sweet & Kendl Glitch

If the player saves a game file after completing "Sweet & Kendl", and then reloads the game, the game file will say that "Big Smoke" was their last completed mission. Technically this is not really a glitch, as in the final version, "Sweet & Kendl" is automatically triggered after the second cutscene of "Big Smoke" plays.

Wanted Level Glitch

CJ is free of police attention during some missions of the game (etc. The Da Nang Thang, End of the Line), no matter how much chaos he has caused during the mission progress, unless the "Lock Wanted Level" cheat is turned on and then turned off, which can disable this glitch or wanted level is forced by cheats. This glitch can be useful for the player to invade the Easter Basin Naval Base and Area 69 and a locked region when not finishing the mission that unlocks a territory, and collect some hidden weapons and collectibles there. However, flying over Area 69 may be hazardous and even can waste CJ.

Specific Pedestrian

There is a pedestrian that exists in the game but is not often used. This specific pedestrian is African-American, that comes with a flat top and goatee cut, wearing a light blue hoodie and a pair of ivory pants. This kind of pedestrian usually appears to drive Bobcats, Waltons and Journeys. Sometimes they may also found driving in random vehicles. Sometimes the three mentioned cars are driven by random NPCs. This pedestrian can also be found on streets in some occasions and may comment on Carl. It is possibly that this pedestrian is a beta model that was used partially in-game.

WASTED replaces BUSTED Glitch

It is possible for the word WASTED to appear on the screen when Carl is arrested. If the player types the commit suicide cheat or all cars explode cheat before the police officer fully knocks them to the ground (especially on a motorcycle), he will simply die with WASTED; if done this after that, there will simply be an arrest animation with BUSTED but the health bar was already depleted out, however the officer and Carl will still insult each other because of a continuity error, which is odd since the deceased cannot talk anyway; if done this correctly at the right time, the WASTED sign will appear on the screen and both the taunts from the officer who arrests Carl and the arrest scene will show. The player will then re-spawn in front of a hospital (Confirmed on PC).

WASTED replaces BUSTED Glitch 2

If the player types commit suicide cheat in a car before a police officer manages to do the open-door animation and then the officer opens the door, the WASTED sign will not pop up on the screen instantly, instead, the officer will taunt Carl first as if the player gets arrested, and then the WASTED message will appear.

Cutscene Mode

Sometimes, after being BUSTED or WASTED for the first time and Carl re-spawns at a police station/hospital, during the "gameplay cutscene", sometimes a call will come (mostly a girlfriend's if Carl has a date on her) and if the player decides to answer, after Carl puts away the phone, he can move around while in the cut-scene mode. This glitch will be eliminated if the player activates a vehicle mission.

Mobile Version Glitches

The mobile version has more glitches than other versions. These include:

  • If Carl enters a train and the player leaves the game, once they resume, the train with CJ inside may respawn in Las Venturas, with only the locomotive itself on the tracks. If the player hasn't unlocked Las Venturas, Carl will immediately receive a 4-star wanted level and he can only get back to Los Santos or San Fierro by swimming (which will usually kill him in the process).
  • The cars' headlights and taillights may encounter texture errors.
  • Sometimes a car's damaged parts appear in mismatched colors.
  • After a certain point in the game, all pedestrians stop talking to CJ except drug dealers.
  • If the player were to fail a mission and retry, the game may glitch and the mission cannot be completed. The symptom of this usually happens if an invisible checkpoint had been saved during the mission progress and if the player closed the game and then restarted it, CJ might appear within the invisible checkpoint. In the first few seconds nothing would happen, however about 2.5 seconds later a MISSION FAILED sign would appear, whether if the player had failed that mission or not. It was reported as a common glitch through mobile users. (Confirmed on both Android and iOS)
    • If this happens, the player will have to tap "no" to the "Retry?" option, then go back to the mission giver, and start it over from the beginning.
    • The glitch currently cannot be officially fixed by any tools. The only way to avoid the glitch from happening is to restart with a new game.
  • It is possible for the mission Sweet's Girl to apparently glitch out before the cutscene starts and shut the game down. To prevent the glitch from happening, it is advised to start another mission before-hand and come back to check if it works.
  • After the mission Robbing Uncle Sam, Ryder's Picador will apparently stop spawning in his driveway. To fix this glitch, stay in Grove Street, turn the game down, use another app for a few minutes and then swap back to the game. The Picador should respawn in the garden and will not despawn.
  • When Michelle Cannes asks the player to drive during a date, Carl will not swap seats, but instead get out of the car, causing Michelle to abandon the player and count the date as a failure. This is not present on the PC version, suggesting some incomplete script.
  • Sometimes, after saving at the Johnson House, Sweet's Greenwood and the BMX that spawns on Grove Street will not appear. This can be easily fixed by driving a short distance away (two or more blocks) and driving back to Grove Street. This glitch is also featured in the PC version, but not often. It is unclear if this glitch also occurs on PS2 and the re-mastered versions.
  • After recruiting a gang member, swimming in the water, and climbing on top a dock, the gang member will often hang from the dock and not move. The only way to move the gang member is by hitting him with a boat, upon which he will sink and eventually disappear. It is also unclear if this occurs on other versions.
  • Being inside of a customized vehicle, exiting the game and removing it from running in the background, then restarting the game, will cause any customizations the player has made on the car to reset. Essentially, the game gives Carl a newly spawned car.
  • On the Windows Nokia version of the game, clothing (mainly pants) may have square-splotches of darker, lighter, or entirely different colors on them.
  • Another glitch observed on the Windows Nokia version and possibly others: When the player wears a hoodie, this may cause CJ's head to clip through clothing items that go on CJ's heads such as hats and shades. Example: If wearing a rag (Such as from Binco), CJ's nose will clip through.
  • Some random parked vehicles can sometimes be found in a strange parking direction compared to other versions. This can be observed when passing Vinewood, the Burger Shot in Marina and some places.
  • There is a notorious glitch that if the game was tended to restart then the player opens for the second time, there would be a high possibillity that the player's last driven vehicle will disappear from CJ's view (usually happens if the player leaves their car, closes the game and restarts the game after a few minutes). It is unknown why this happens, and currently the glitch cannot be fixed by any tools. It is more likely because of the game programming. Which makes any vehicle near the player dissapear after leaving the game. This glitch also appear in GTA V, whenever the player leaves the current session of the game (such as replaying a mission), would make the player last driven vehicle to dissapear, even when the player is driving it.
  • If the players try to sound the secondary siren, nothing will happen.
  • In the mission Robbing Uncle Sam, a rare, notorious and mysterious glitch exists in the progress. If CJ steals the Military Mesa after unlocking the gate and letting Ryder and the Mule come in to the warehouse, sometimes when he drives the car for a while, Ryder's health bar will decrease by time, and Ryder will even die before or after CJ returns. It is more than likely that this is a mobile version exclusive glitch, but doesn't always happen, although it is unknown what causes this. The glitch had been eliminated in the PC version, but other versions are still unconfirmed.

Most glitches seem to be encountered more often after prolonged gameplay. All except the train glitch and Sweet's Girl glitch can be fixed by restarting the game.

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