Glenn Scoville is a bail jumper in Grand Theft Auto V. He is located on the top of Mount Chiliad.


Scoville will be at the top of Mount Chiliad to the right of the sign marking the turn for Bell's End alongside a cameraman, who is about to film Scoville's parachute jump. If Trevor gets too close, he will notice and jump from the mountain. After he jumps, Trevor will need to jump immediately, as the mission will be failed if Scoville gets too far away. There is a parachute close to the motorcycle if the player does not have one. During the chase with the parachute, keep moving the left stick of your control down, so Trevor can move faster, preventing Glenn from escaping. Once both Trevor and Glenn reach the base of the mountain, use the Stun Gun or shoot Glenn in the leg to get him to surrender. Then just find a car and take him to Maude Eccles. If the player wants to kill him, just use a Sniper Rifle to shoot him from a distance at the top of the mountain.

Player can also fly a helicopter up Mount Chiliad and follows Scoville down in the helicopter instead of parachuting to the base of the jump.


If captured alive, Glenn reveals that he was the vice president of Schlongberg Sachs at a young age, but is being hunted due to illicit profit done through insider trading during the economic crisis. He also mentions he met a man named Dom a couple of years ago that taught him to be an adrenaline junkie, which explains his parachute stunt before being captured. Trevor mentions the only reason for him not to kill Glenn is because he is going to suffer in prison.

Maude's e-mail

Ok Trevor

This next feller's the worst kind of criminal there is -- a banker. And looking at some of the videos he's posted online, he fancies himself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie and internet celebrity on the side. So he'll be a real pleasure to put behind bars.


Video Walktrough

GTA 5 - Maude(Bail Bonds) Wanted Alive or Alive Achievement Trophy

GTA 5 - Maude(Bail Bonds) Wanted Alive or Alive Achievement Trophy


  • The man named Dom that Glenn mentions during the mission is Dom Beasley, the adrenaline junkie that appears in one of the side-missions for Franklin.
  • The Scoville Scale is used to measure the spicy heat of chili peppers. Thus, placing an NPC named Glenn Scoville on top of Mount Chiliad is a subtle but clever joke.


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