Gimp Suit (GTASA)

CJ with the Gimp Suit.

A Gimp Suit is an article of clothing worn by Carl Johnson in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to attract Millie Perkins as a girlfriend. The gimp suit is black with a red bikini brief on it. While the pimp suit makes CJ more empowered, the gimp suit turns CJ into a subservient part of the BDSM culture. While it can be worn after the mission is over, it does not help out the respect and Sex Appeal meters needed to attract less "domineering" girlfriends. It is also the only special outfit that is immediately given to CJ from a girlfriend as opposed to after reaching 100%.

If dating Millie Perkins with this suit, CJ will get a special date and will directly be invited for coffee upon arriving at her house, which is a good tip to quickly increase the relationship percentage and eventually get her keycard as a requirement for the Caligula's heist.


  • The Gimp Suit could be based on a similar suit worn by a silent character in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction.
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