Gianni is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V.


Gianni is an Italian-American thug who is the personal bodyguard and right-hand man of Rocco Pelosi, a former gangster who worked for the Ancelotti Crime Family in Liberty City until 2008 and corrupt Vinewood talent agent and promoter, who currently operates in Los Santos. The two would frequently use a extortion scam - persuading famous actors to demand bigger paychecks from their studios in order to halt productions and blackmail studio executives into buying out Rocco. Pelosi and Gianni used their numerous scams in order to open a nightclub in a abandoned warehouse in East Los Santos.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

In 2013, the duo attempt their scam on movie producer Solomon Richards just when he is in the middle of producing his most recent movie Meltdown and take away the actor and director to the warehouse. Angered because of their scam and unwilling to pay-off Rocco, Richards sends Michael De Santa to return them and scare off Rocco. Michael goes to the rooftop of the warehouse where he encounters Gianni, who refers to Michael as "snowbird", and Rocco. Gianni wants to attack Michael but Rocco halts him and decides to fight Michael himself. Michael severly beats Rocco and leaves with the actor and director.


Much later, a vengeful Rocco and Gianni return to Backlot City and beat up Solomon for sending Michael. Luckily for Solomon, Michael appears in time and Rocco and Gianni then flee in Rocco's red Fugitive. Solomon then orders Michael to dispose of them. Michael obliges and chases Rocco and Gianni out of Backlot throughout the city. After optionally wrecking their car, Michael kills Rocco and Gianni.

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