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Gethsemanee Starhawk Moonmaker is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who can be heard on K-Chat in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. She is voiced by Lynne Lipton.

Gethsemanee is a member of a compost coven in Vice City, led by a man named Phil. She works at a rock and bead shop. She has also written a book, entitled I'm Lovin' the Coven, which has been printed on bark. Her birth name is not stated, she only gives the full name she was given by the coven.

She is interviewed by Amy Sheckenhausen on K-Chat, and brings Amy a crystal as a gift. She expresses many beliefs:

  • She and her coven believe that nature is supreme and that they are trying to outlaw nature.
  • That shaving is wrong (asking whether Joan of Arc shaved).
  • That people should destroy and make war with machines, as they will enslave people.
  • That violence is wrong.

She states that she would like to be buried by "female priestesses in a cave surrounded by my favourite tools and ornaments." She also advises Amy to talk to a lobster.

Later in the interview she gives a description of the coven: "We're just a group of people who believe in communal sharing and chanting a lot. And can't find husbands. Reading magazines, cloaks, wands, horned Gods. Rubbing your skin raw with rocks. Dying of old age at 27. Crying in terror when it starts to thunder. And these are all the things our ancestors did... Every woman and every man is a star in the sky Amy."