Getaway Vehicle is a heist setup in Grand Theft Auto V.


The mission is encountered a maximum of three times. All the player must do is obtain a random appropriate vehicle, drive it to a particular location, then call Lester or Michael to confirm the vehicle's location. During the particular heist, the player will then use the getaway vehicle to escape.

The game will inform the player if a specific vehicle is suitable for the getaway, and whether the location chosen for stashing the vehicle is appropriate. Protagonists' default vehicles may not be used for this purpose. Generally, fast, 4-seater vehicles work.

Keep in mind that wherever the vehicle is deposited the player will need to drive back to that location to obtain it. In the case of Blitz Play, which takes place in the southern part of the map, it's possible to park the vehicle in Vinewood Hills or beyond, leading to a lengthy drive. The Big Score's set up assigns a location for parking the vehicle and gameplay takes the characters to this location.

The third Getaway Vehicle mission strongly advises the vehicle be upgraded as much as possible before calling Lester and storing the vehicle, though this is not mandatory, but the resistance would wear down the vehicle quickly without them.

Although considered a mission, it cannot be failed, and the player receives no reward or medal for completion.

Generally, since the vehicle is always lost after the heist, players may consider stealing one if possible.

Mission Objectives

  • Acquire a suitable vehicle.
  • Park the getaway vehicle in a discreet (or designated) spot.

Preferable Choice Tips

This shows tips on getting getaway vehicles.

  • Blitz Play: There is no physical resistance, and thus, any potential vehicle will do.
  • The Bureau Raid (Covert): The player will have backup, but no resistance, so a four seater vehicle is required.
  • The Big Score (Obvious): The player will have backup and a five star wanted level. A fast heavy vehicle, preferably with high ground clearance and 4-wheel drive, with lots of modifications, such as armor, engine and brakes would be required. Bulletproof tires are necessary as there will be FIB Grangers chasing the player, and there will be NOOSE officers shooting at the player. A Baller, Cavalcade or Huntley S will be the best for the job, as they are heavy, but not long like the Granger, which can be found on the streets easily. A Dubsta may suffice, but due to its compact shape, it may be destroyed easily from crash damage. In the PC Version, the player can purchase the Dubsta 6x6 from Warstock Cache & Carry, offering higher ground clearance and a better damage resistance if they desire, as well as almost unstoppable with the right modifications. If the player is going for speed, a Super Diamond or a Felon will do the job as they are somewhat heavy but still fast and have a decent ground clearance, although since they are high value cars, most modifications will be quite expensive compared to the counterparts mentioned above. If the player cannot afford to modify a car or to buy Los Santos Customs as Franklin, they should start the random event near Los Santos International Airport featuring a woman named Saeeda Kadam being carjacked. The player should steal Kadam's car for themselves, it is a Rocoto with upgrades in all areas (in all areas affecting performance, it is one level below the highest), including bulletproof tires.

Mission Appearances


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