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In case you don't recognize her, this is Georgina Cheng. Vice President of Cheng Holdings. Investor, philanthropist, socialite.
Huang introducing Georgina Cheng to Lester Crest and the GTA Online Protagonist.

Georgina Cheng (Traditional Chinese: 陳·喬治娜, Simplified Chinese: 陈·乔治娜) is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a main character in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update.


Georgina is the vice president of the Cheng Family Holdings based in Hong Kong, China. She is the daughter of Wei Cheng, the younger sister of Tao Cheng, and either the younger or older sister of an unnamed brother.

Georgina completed her undergraduate degree at an unnamed university in London and her master's degree at Vespucci University. According to her assistant, Huang, she was voted the "eighty-ninth best dressed lady in China".

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

You misunderstand, I don't want the casino back. I want them to wish they'd never heard of it.
— Georgina Cheng asking Lester and the Online Protagonist to rob The Diamond Casino & Resort.

After Tao Cheng is forced to sell The Diamond Casino & Resort to the Duggan Crime Family and returns to Hong Kong in 2019, Georgina flies to Los Santos and arranges a meeting between herself, Lester and the online protagonist in Mirror Park by hacking their phones. She approaches them and persuades Lester into planning the Diamond Casino Heist as revenge against the Duggans for taking advantage of her brother.

Later on, she shows up at the arcade center purchased by the online protagonist to hear Lester's plan, as well as proposing her own, although she eventually reveals that she wants to invite Lester to the Richman Hotel to "have some food and discuss it all". After the arcade center is up and running, Georgina shows up once more to hear Lester's plans and approaches to the heist, and she tells the crew she will be staying at the Richman Hotel until the heist is pulled off and they should contact her if they need anything. However, Georgina is called back home on the day the heist is executed and therefore misses the action, but she returns to Los Santos just in time to personally thank the crew for successfully pulling off the heist. As the crew celebrates, Georgina and Lester share a kiss, marking the beginning of their romantic relationship.

As Lester and Georgina continue their relationsip after the heist, he keeps the promise of robbing the Diamond Casino every week by texting the online protagonist whenever the Vault's stocked up again, allowing the player to replay the heist with different approaches on subsequent attempts. Later on, a picture can be seen of Lester and Georgina hanging out at the Del Perro Pier, with Lester having won a stuffed-animal from one of the carnival games for her.

Personality and Traits

In stark contrast to her brother Tao, Georgina acts professionally and friendly towards the people she works with, probably owing to her position as Vice President of the Cheng Family Holdings, the family's legal front.

Despite her calm and collected personality, she is not above keeping grudges, manipulating Lester and the online protagonist into pulling off the heist on her behalf "as a favor" despite Lester wanting no part of it. Despite her main career as the family's business representative, she is an expert hacker, arguably on a higher level than Lester, as she claims to have cloned his phone in just five minutes.

It is heavily implied throughout the heist that Georgina took an interest in Lester well before their first meeting, as she claims him to be exactly what she has imagined. During the arcade setup, Georgina begins flirting with Lester and insists to address her by her first name. Georgina's advances on Lester proved to be effective as Lester is found uncharacteristically dressed up and stuttering while in her presence.

Despite being called back to the mainland the day the heist is carried out, Georgina expresses a considerable degree of gratitude by returning to Los Santos to congratulate Lester and the protagonist for their success.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto Online

The Diamond Casino Heist