Genic, also known as Genic Digital, is a company that makes cameras and servers in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


Posters for the company feature slogans such as: "Sometimes their 'good Side' is on the Inside" and "We can't all be Photo Genic". The brand is also featured online in GTA IV on

It seems the brand is a parody of Kodak Company, as there is resemblance with the old logos of the company.

In GTA V, Genic products can be seen for sale in Digital Den stores. In GTA Online, the server rooms from the NOOSE Headquarters and the control instruments on the Mobile Operations Center are also manufactured by Genic.

Genic servers in a server rack can be seen inside Lester Crest's house. Genic's satellite dishes can be found on the rooftops across Sandy Shores.


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