The Gaydar Station is a club located in San Fierro, San Andreas that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Found in the Queens district, Gaydar Station's name is an obvious nod to gay culture. "Gaydar" (a portmanteau of the words "gay" and "radar") means to have the ability to "detect" if a person is LGBT+ by either their appearance, personality, or mannerisms.

The club is a medium-sized building with two entrance doors, with the first entrance being accessible. There is a stairway that leads to the second entrance, one of the doors in the first entrance is unique due to it being identical to the ones used in many restaurants as it will always open by anything without going into the interior.


The interior is identical to the Alhambra in the Idlewood district of Los Santos, as well as the unnamed club near The Camel's Toe in Las Venturas.

The interior is a medium-sized interior with a dancing area with several people dancing, a concert area with several speakers and a bartender behind the bar of the club, two Sprunk vending machines, a snack vending machine and Duality, Let's Get Ready to Bumble and Go Go Space Monkey arcade games. There is a stairway that leads to another part of the interior with several couches and two tables, and a room with a table.

Inside, Carl can partake in a Dancing Minigame with three levels of difficulty. During dancing dates with Katie, the minigame is played, despite she doesn't like the Queens area. The interior will always play music from SF-UR, much like the other clubs.


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