For the car in Grand Theft Auto V, see Gauntlet.

Gauntlet is a three-part heist setup given by Lester Crest in Grand Theft Auto V involving the acquisition of three Bravado Gauntlets.


Lester will send an email to each one of the three protagonists relating that he needs three modded Gauntlets for the heist. He will inform the three locations:

The player will have to buy all the required upgrades for the heist instructed on-screen. Afterwards, the player needs to deliver the car to a lockup nearby.

There's no time limit and players are free to choose when and how to collect the cars. Note that you are not required to steal the three specific cars Lester located; any three Gauntlets will do.

Mission Objectives

  • Take the getaway vehicle to Los Santos Customs.
  • Purchase the vehicle mods required for the job.
  • Take the getaway vehicle to the lockup.
  • Leave the vehicle in the lockup.

Gold Medal Objectives

This applies to all three cars.

  • Mapped - Deliver the Gauntlet pictured in the email.
    • Use the car locations on the emails.
  • Not a Scratch - Deliver the Gauntlet with no damage.
    • Use the airport Los Santos Customs as it is the closest to the drop-off.
    • It's not late to repair the car anytime until they are delivered.
  • Pimped Out - Spend $17000 modifying the Gauntlet.
    • Using the suggested mods costs $20000.
    • Still achievable if Franklin uses the LSC shop near Sandy Shores after he has purchased it, even though all mods are free.



  • Players should consider that upgrading the Gauntlets costs money, thereby reducing the profit available from completing the final heist. The Obvious method also involves upgrading a vehicle, but only one.
  • If Franklin has already purchased the Los Santos Customs in the Grand Senora Desert, he will receive free modifications on cars he brings in. This glitches this mission out, however, as the free modifications do not count towards the Pimped Out requirement. A solution to this problem is that you can simply damage and then repair your vehicle and it will count toward the Pimped Out requirement.
  • If the player has a garage, they can also choose to buy three Gauntlets from at a price of $32,000 each. However, this will not earn the player a gold medal since it requires stealing it from given locations.

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