Gasoline has many meanings in the GTA series; For the brand in GTA III, see Gasoline. For the associated weapon, see Jerry Can. For Gas Stations, see Petrol Stations.

Gasoline is a flammable liquid substance which makes a physical appearance in Grand Theft Auto V, and has an implied appearance in many previous titles.

3D Universe


Gas station in Portland in GTA III.

In the 3D universe, Gasoline was only seen through Gasoline Stations, and could not be used by the player, or their vehicles. While the substance itself was not seen, it can be inferred that it exists. The ability to blow up a car by shooting its gasoline tank's cap in GTA San Andreas further reinforces this. 

Grand Theft Auto HD Era

Grand Theft Auto IV

In Grand Theft Auto IV, while gas stations made an appearance, the physical substance of Gasoline was not able to be interacted with by the player, or their vehicles. In this game and its episodes, shooting a car repeatedly in the right area would cause flames to shoot from the area where the gasoline tank would be present, and the vehicle would subsequently explode.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

In Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars, the player was able to fill Molotov Cocktails with gasoline using Gas Stations. 

Grand Theft Auto V


Xero gas station in GTA V.

In Grand Theft Auto V, gasoline made its advent as a physical substance, and the player could interact with it for the first time.

Jerry Can

The first, and main way to use gasoline in GTA V is through a Jerry Can . By holding the fire button while holding a jerry can, the player may dispense gasoline onto the ground, or a vehicle. By then shooting the gas trail, the player may light the gas on fire. The first will burn along the trail, lighting people, objects, and vehicles on fire along the way. It is also possible for a car to light the gasoline on fire by doing a burn out, or in certain cars revving the engine over the gas.


The second way which gas appears is within vehicles. If the player is to shoot a vehicle's gas tank in a certain spot repeatedly, gas will leak from the tank and onto the ground. This gas may then be lit on fire just as a normal gas trail. It the gas leaking from a tank is shot, it will begin to burn, and the vehicle will eventually explode. Once the gas tank has stopped leaking and is empty, the vehicle will no longer run. All vehicles that run on gasoline can be used in this method, even gasoline tankers.  

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