Ganton Courts is a housing project located in the neighborhood of Ganton, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


It is known as Grove Street Families territory and the former residence of Big Bear and B Dup before they moved to Glen Park. The Ganton Gym is across the street from Ganton Courts. It resembles Imperial Courts in Watts, Los Angeles. A Boxville spawns outside a building in the housing project which can be used to start the Burglary side mission.

As seen in the cutscene for Cleaning the Hood in which Carl and Ryder are walking in the hallway of one apartment building, there is lots of gang graffiti, including some Ballas, Grove Street Families, and Seville Boulevard Families tags not seen anywhere else.

Mission Appearances




  • A unique black Boxville appears in an alleyway between two buildings after completing the mission Home Invasion. Between 20:00 and 6:00, the player can start burglary missions by using this vehicle.


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