For the vehicle, see Cossie.

Gangsta Bang - Cossie is a vehicle side mission in Grand Theft Auto during the Liberty City level 1, Gangsta Bang.


The player must get the white Cossie in northeast Island City to begin the mission. Pablo tried robbing a jewelry shop and needs to be picked up fast. First, the player needs to pick up a Squad Car in southwest Park and then drive to the Diamond Wholesalers in south Island City. After picking up Pablo, the player will get a four star wanted level and must take Pablo back to his place in southeast Tellburg to complete the mission.


The player is awarded 50,000 points (50,000 x Score Multiplier) and a +1 increase of score multiplier for successfully completing the mission.



Note: This is the dialogue for the PC version of the game. There may be some minor changes compared to the PlayStation and Game Boy Color versions.

Robert "Bubby" Seragliano: I got a new job for ya if you want it. Otherwise, get the hell outta my car, asshole!
The protagonist accepts the mission.
Robert "Bubby" Seragliano henchman: Pablo needs picking up. Fast. We left ya a cop car in South West Park. Go get it.
The protagonist gets the Squad Car.
Robert "Bubby" Seragliano henchman: There's a Diamond Wholesalers in South Island City. Pablo's waiting outside.
The protagonist arrives at the Diamond Wholesalers and picks Pablo Vercotti.
Pablo Vercotti: Shit! It was a fix! Take me back to my place in South East Tellburg.
The protagonist takes Pablo Vercotti to his apartment in South East Tellburg.
Pablo Vercotti: Thanks, man. Keep your ear to the ground. You hear the name Cabot, you call me.

Text Strategy


N alley, W big, N alley.

Cop car.

S alley, Cross big, S small, Cross big, S small, ->W so W.


E, S big, Follow big E, N into Garage. END!

Video Strategy

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