Gangsta Bang - Bulldog is a vehicle side mission in Grand Theft Auto during the Liberty City level Gangsta Bang (Level 1).


Getting into the silver Bulldog in south Tellberg starts this mission. There is a car in west Kings that needs to disappear. Once the player steals it, they will obtain a maximum wanted level, however, they are told to head to Lafferty's place in nearby South Kings, where it will be removed. The car then needs to be dropped off at Dalgetti's garage in north Kings, but once the player gets there, Dalgetti will not take it and the player realizes that their mobile is being monitored. They are then told to answer a payphone in southeast Estoria (the dialogue says northeast Kings, however) and then another phone in southeast Kings. They will receive a call saying Dalgetti was taken care of, so then the player can finally drop it off at the garage in north Kings.


The player is awarded 55,000 points (55,000 x Score Multiplier) and a +1 increase of score multiplier for successfully completing the mission.



Note: This is the dialogue for the PC version of the game. There may be some minor changes compared to the PlayStation and Game Boy Color versions.

Robert "Bubby" Seragliano: I got a new job for ya if you want it. Otherwise, get the hell outta my car, asshole!
The protagonist accepts the mission.
Robert "Bubby" Seragliano: I just got a call. There's a car in West Kings that needs to disappear. Step on it.
The protagonist gets the car in West Kings.
Robert "Bubby" Seragliano: Every cop on patrol is looking for this! Take it to Lafferty's in South Kings.
The protagonist paints the car at Lafferty's in South Kings.
Robert "Bubby" Seragliano: Call that a color? Take it to Dalgetti's in North Kings.
The protagonist takes the car to Dalgetti's in South Kings.
Dalgetti: I ain't taking this pieceashit. Get outta here before I slap you.
Robert "Bubby" Seragliano: The mobile's being scanned. I'm calling North East Kings. Be there.
The protagonist answers the phone in North East Kings.
Robert "Bubby" Seragliano: I need to talk to this guy. Alone. Answer the phone in South East Kings.
The protagonist answers the phone in South East Kings.
Robert "Bubby" Seragliano: It's cool, you can go back. I taught the asshole not to shut his mouth off.
The protagonist drives back to Dalgetti's.
Robert "Bubby" Seragliano: Hey! You want a nice gold chain? A ring? This asshole don't need 'em no more...

Text Strategy


N, E small road, N big, E small, N small, E small, N big, E small.


E, S into Auto Shop.

N, E small, N big, E to Garage.

E, N small, W big to Phone.

E, S small to phone.

N, W second big to Garage. END!


  • There will be purple Bug parked outside Dalgetti's place which the player is free to take after the mission. It presumably belonged to Dalgetti.

Video Strategy


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