For the vehicle, see Beast GTS

Gangsta Bang - Beast GTS is a vehicle side mission in Grand Theft Auto during the Liberty City level Gangsta Bang (Level 1).


Enter the blue Beast GTS in southwest Island Heights to find out that two guys tore up a Cat House in south Island City and that Bubby wants them killed. After killing them, you need to escape to Seymour Reamer's place in central Brocklyn Docks before the cops arrive (which they never do unless you obtained a wanted level from the killings).


The player is awarded 60,000 points (60,000 x Score Multiplier) and a +1 increase of score multiplier for successfully completing the mission.



Note: This is the dialogue for the PC version of the game. There may be some minor changes compared to the PlayStation and Game Boy Color versions.

Robert "Bubby" Seragliano: I got a new job for ya if you want it. Otherwise, get the hell outta my car, asshole!
The protagonist accepts the mission.
Robert "Bubby" Seragliano henchman: Two guys tore up the Cat House in South Island City. Started on the girls, too. Real messy. Bubby wants them screwed.
The protagonist kills the two targets in South Island City.
Robert "Bubby" Seragliano henchman: Some mutha's called the cops. Get over to Seymour Reamer's at Brocklyn Docks.
The protagonist drives to Seymour Reamer's at Brocklyn Docks.
Seymour Reamer: Another wise guy! Leave the car and split before I call the cops.

Text Strategy


Follow roads S/W, W big road, S over bridge, W big road before bridge.

Run over guys.

E, S over bridge, W small road.

Follow into Garage. END!



Video Strategy


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