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There are seven major gangs and three minor gangs in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Major Gangs[]

Vance Crime Family[]


The Vance Crime Family is a powerful criminal organization led by Victor Vance with assistance from his brother Lance Vance. They are based across Vice City through their empire buildings.

They are friendly to Victor and can be recruited by him to act as bodyguards. Members mostly appear at the family's empire buildings in two separate groups: one carrying baseball bats and pistols while wearing tracksuits or tank tops - these appear at legal businesses (prostitution, protection racket, loan shark); one carrying Mac 10s and AK-47s while wearing pastel suits or a t-shirt and slacks.

After the events of the game, during which time Vic and Lance temporarily leave Vice City, the gang is shrunk. It can be assumed that the gang was still active for a short time but on a smaller scale. The brothers decided to lay low for a while until 1986, when they set up a deal with the Forelli Crime Family at the Vice City Docks. The deal is ambushed by Ricardo Diaz' hitmen, who kill Victor and steal the money brought to the deal by Tommy Vercetti and his associates. This theoretically ends the Vance Crime Family, as their leader has been killed and they are not seen again in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, however it is fully put to bed by the later of death of Lance Vance at the hands of Vercetti.

Trailer Park Mafia[]


The Trailer Park Mafia, also known as Marty's Gang, was a redneck gang/Dixie mob led by Marty Jay Williams. They were based at a trailer pack located behind the Sunshine Autos car showroom.

The gang is initially friendly towards Victor, with him completing numerous tasks for Marty such as aiding him with looking after his business empire against the Cholos. The gang members are depicted as stereotypical rednecks, most of them sporting long hair and/or beards and wearing sleeveless t-shirts embroidered with the Confederate flag.

During the events of the game, Victor murders the gang's leader, Marty, after he threatens to kidnap his own wife Louise Cassidy-Williams. Following Marty's death, Victor takes over his empire, forming the Vance Crime Family.

After the events of the game, the trailer park was demolished and, by 1986, is replaced by a large vacant lot. The trailer park mafia by this point has completely disbanded.



The Cholos were a Mexican-American street gang led by an unknown leader. They were based in Little Haiti and areas of Little Havana, owning numerous empire buildings.

The gang is hostile to Victor and other gangs, namely the Cubans, who in 1984 they are fighting a deadly turf war against for complete control of the neighborhood. Their members wear gray headbands, white tank tops and chinos.

During their war against the Cubans, they were at one point wreaking havoc in the streets of Little Havana, but failed thanks to Vic. They later attempted to kill Umberto's father; in revenge, Robina decides to launch an all-out attack on the Cholos that results in the Cholos' defeat.

After Victor helps the Cubans win the war against the Cholos, they are almost completely wiped-out. Their businesses are all either up for sale, damaged or seized by the Vice City Bikers. Their members can still occasionally be seen walking or driving around Little Haiti. By 1986, the Cholos have completely disappeared from Little Haiti, being replaced by the Haitians.



The Cubans, also known as Los Cabrones, are a Latin street gang led by Umberto Robina. They are based in Little Havana and are considered the dominant gang in the southern end of mainland Vice City.

The gang is friendly to Victor, who assists them in defeating the Cholos. Their members wear bright t-shirts and jeans.

Victor is employed by Umberto to aid in the war against the Cholos, who proves his worth by winning a race to pick up a package against other members of the Cubans. He later helps stop Cholos who are causing havoc in Little Havana and picks up Alberto Robina from the Hyman Memorial Stadium to avoid a possible abduction and/or murder. The Cubans eventually win the war with the Cholos after stealing their weapons and destroying the warehouse they had been stored in.

After the events of the game, the Cubans would later go to war with the Haitians, who by 1986 had taken over the Cholos' turf in Little Haiti. By the end of the events of GTA Vice City, the Cubans still exist in Little Havana with little change to their assets.

Mendez Cartel[]


The Mendez Cartel was a very powerful Bolivian drug cartel led by brothers Diego and Armando Mendez. They were primarily based at the Mendez Mansion on Prawn Island, but also owned The Mendez Building in Downtown.

The cartel is initially friendly to Victor, who completes several favors for them. However, Victor and Vance are soon called back to the Mendez' mansion where a deadly trap is laid waiting for them. The two manage to escape, and declare war on the cartel. The cartel's members wear suits with light-colored shirts underneath, and usually sport a noticeable mustache or pony-tail.

During the events of the game, after several failed attempts, Armando Mendez kidnaps both Lance and Louise Cassidy-Williams, eventually mortally wounding Louise before being killed by Victor in a battle involving a flamethrower. Meanwhile, Diego escapes to the Mendez Building in Downtown Vice City. Victor teams up with Louise's brother, Phil Cassidy, to steal a Hunter from Fort Baxter Air Base which they later use to attack Diego at his building. After the Hunter is shot down, Victor manages to sweep through the building floor-by-floor, encountering and killing many of Diego's men, before eventually winning a Mexican-standoff style gunfight on the roof against both Diego and Jerry Martinez.

After the events of the game, the Mendez Cartel quickly crumbles into non-existence by 1986. Their mansion on Prawn Island is eventually taken over by the Sharks (later known as the Streetwannabe's) sometime between 1984 and 1986. The Mendez Building is likewise demolished sometime before 1986 and replaced by a much smaller building.

Diaz' Gang[]


Diaz' Gang is an unnamed drug cartel led by Ricardo Diaz. They were primarily based at a mansion on Starfish Island that would later be known as the Vercetti Estate.

The gang are initially hostile to Victor, due to Victor's affiliation to Gonzalez after they failed to attack his boat. They later become friendly to Victor when Ricardo Diaz enlists him to aid Diaz with the destruction of the Mendez Cartel. They wear brightly colored Hawaiian shirts and pants.

During the events of the game, Victor and Lance Vance are asked by Diaz to steal a drugs shipment from Juan Cortez, under the supervision of Gonzalez, which they do successfully. Following his success, Diaz decides to employ Vic to do more work and has him go to a meeting with the DEA, which is ambushed by Gonzalez and his crew, although Vic manages to kill Gonzalez' men and make the deal with the DEA, securing Diaz a large supply of heavy duty guns. Victor later drives Gonzalez to the airport, under orders from Diaz, after the latter had learned of Gonzalez' betrayal of Juan Cortez. Diaz later has Vic use a Domestobot to destroy Armando Mendez' bearer bonds before telling him the details about the Hunter at the Fort Baxter Air Base which Vic will later use to kill Diego Mendez and Jerry Martinez.

After the events of the game, Diaz' gang continues to be the main force in Vice City, until 1986 when they are wiped out by Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance, after Lance finds out Ricardo Diaz is responsible for his brother Vic's death. The Vercetti Gang takes over Diaz' mansion on Starfish Island and the Diaz' gang's members are either killed or absorbed into Vercetti's gang.

Gonzalez' Crew[]


Gonzalez' Crew is a Hispanic syndicate led by Gonzalez. They are primarily based at the Ducum Inn in Vice Point.

The gang are initially friendly to Victor, who did several jobs for Gonzalez. They become hostile to Victor when he starts to work for Diaz. They later become friendly again when Victor helps Gonzalez to escape from Vice City from the Sharks. Their members wear brightly colored shirts and pastel pants.

During the events of the game, Victor is introduced to Gonzalez' crew by Reni Wassulmaier. Vic flies Gonzalez' helicopter to protect his boat. Later on, Gonzalez invites Vic to a game of golf, where he tells him that if he can play golf well they will start working together. Vic manages to get a perfect hit, assuring an alliance between him and Gonzalez. After a meeting at Gonzalez' hotel, Gonzalez reveals to Vic that he has taken a side-cut of Juan Cortez' cocaine shipment and tells him that the drugs are located at a lockup in Ocean Beach. Vic is asked to take them to a deal in Washington Beach; after a botched deal, Gonzalez ends their business relationship. Ricardo Diaz later sends Vic to steal a drugs shipment from Gonzalez' men, which causes Gonzalez to have his men ambush Diaz' deal with the DEA. Vic successfully stops the ambush, and Gonzalez is captured and forced to work for Diaz as well as leak him information about any further shipments that come in.

After the events of the game, Gonzalez' crew appears to disappear from Vice City. They most likely disbanded after Gonzalez began working with Ricardo Diaz and rejoined with Colonel Juan Cortez. It is assumed that Gonzalez received protection from Diaz' gang in 1986 when he is killed by Tommy Vercetti during the mission Treacherous Swine.

Minor Gangs[]



The Sharks are a band of thugs led by an unknown leader.

The gang is hostile to Victor and other gangs who they cross paths with. Their members wear brightly colored tracksuits, light brown or gray pants and berets. Their outfits resemble those worn by Dave Bickler in the "Eye of the Tiger" music video by Survivor.

During the events of the game, they initially control numerous areas of Vice City Beach but are eventually wiped out by Victor and the Vance Crime Family, who takeover their empire businesses. They could be seen frequently attacking businesses owned by the Cholos and Vice City Bikers.

After the events of the game, they are renamed to the Streetwannabe's and change appearance to wear torn jean-jackets with a shark logo on the back. Their leader is killed by Tommy Vercetti under orders from Ricardo Diaz.

Vice City Bikers[]


The Vice City Bikers are a motorcycle club who are led by Mitch Baker. Their territory is mostly found in Downtown Vice City and Vice Point, though their headquarters is The Greasy Chopper.

The gang will initially be hostile to Victor, but after their empire buildings are taken over, they will become neutral to him. Their members wear biker vests, a skull shirt and jeans, and can frequently be seen driving on Angel motorcycles.

During the events of the game, they initially control empire businesses in Vice Point and Downtown, but are slowly reduced to a small area around The Greasy Chopper after the Vance Crime Family takes over. They could also be frequently seen attacking businesses owned by the Cholos and the Sharks.

After the events of the game, in 1986, Mitch Baker works with Tommy Vercetti to provide protection over a Love Fist concert being held in Vice City.

White Stallionz[]


The White Stallionz were a homosexual motorcycle club led by an unknown leader. They were located primarily at the White Stallionz Bar in Little Haiti.

The gang never appears in-game outside of the mission The Bum Deal. Their appearance is that of the stereotypical leather gay attire, with both models of biker wearing a black vest and tight chaps; one of them wears a white t-shirt showing the gang's symbol, black leather cap, tattoos and a thick mustache - the other has a shaved head and a goatee and wears sunglasses and no t-shirt beneath the vest. Their logo is that of two lightning bolts surrounding a female gender symbol that has the circle replaced with a white-power fist, thereby implying that the gang may also be Neo-Nazis.

During the events of the game, the gang only appears in the mission The Bum Deal. Victor and Lance Vance stumble upon them when Bryan Forbes. an undercover DEA agent, informs them that the gang has information about a large shipment of cocaine coming into Vice City. However, it turns out Forbes was lying about the gang's involvement, and the Vance brothers have to fight their way out of the bar while White Stallionz members threaten to "rape them both".

After the mission, the gang is not seen again and possibly disbanded between 1984 and 1986.