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Gangs are a fundamental part in the stories of most Grand Theft Auto games. The protagonist will work for or against them at certain points in the story. All gangs are often quite aggressive and will likely attack the player if provoked. Friendly gangs can sometimes offer assistance during missions, especially in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In 3D Universe, certain gangs will be hostile after completing certain storyline missions, and if the player visits their territory, they will attack the player on sight.

Gangs in the 2D Universe

Grand Theft Auto

Liberty City

Notable Group

San Andreas

Vice City

Grand Theft Auto London

Grand Theft Auto 2

Anywhere City

Downtown District

Residential District

Notable Group

Industrial District

Notable Group

Gangs in the 3D Universe

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

  • Bikers (Reappear in 1986) - American outlaw motorcycle club.
  • Cholos - Mexican street gang.
  • Cubans (Reappear in 1986) - Cuban street gang.
  • Diaz' Gang (Reappear in 1986) - Colombian drug cartel.
  • Hitmen (Reappear in 1992, 1998) - Contract killers
  • Mendez Cartel - Bolivian drug cartel.
  • Sharks (Reappear in 1986) - Multi-racial street gang.
  • Trailer Park Mafia - American street gang.
  • Vance Family - Dominican crime family.

Notable Groups

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Notable Groups

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Los Santos

  • Aztecas - Mexican street gang. Identified by their turquoise color.
  • Ballas - African-American street gang. Identified by their purple color.
  • Families - African-American street gang. Identified by their green color.
  • Russian Mafia - Russian crime syndicate.
  • Vagos - Mexican street gang. Identified by their yellow color.
Notable Group

San Fierro

  • Da Nang Boys - Vietnamese street gang.
  • Rifa - Mexican street gang. Identified by their blue color.
  • Triads - Chinese crime syndicate.
Notable Groups

Las Venturas

Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Gangs in the HD Universe

Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City

Notable Groups


Notable Groups

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Notable Group

Grand Theft Auto V

Notable Groups

Blaine County

Notable Groups

Grand Theft Auto Online

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  • In GTA III, if the player carjacks a gang member, any gang member of the same gang that is driving a car will start chasing the player and ramming their car.
  • In GTA: San Andreas, if gang members hear gunshots, they will fire at the shooter, including non-gang members. Sometimes they will either ignore the gunshots or run away like any pedestrian. They will only run away if they are unarmed. In most cases, they will shoot at anyone who fired a gun.
  • In San Andreas, CJ might look down on dead gang members (as if they ask him about his gangbanging status), and the player can still answer him. This is likely a glitch.
  • In San Andreas, some gangs (such as the Mafia and the San Fierro Triads) will make no voices when they ask CJ about his gangbanging status. This is likely a glitch as well, since the members of these gangs can be heard speaking when they are talking to each other.
  • In San Andreas, if the player finishes a gang war and one member is left alive, he will simply walk away instead of continuing to fight with the player. If CJ is near him, he might ask him about his gangbanging status. If CJ responds positively, that gang member will attack him as usual. However if he responds negatively, the gang member will walk away and will not even chase the player.
  • In GTA IV's multiplayer races, the player cannot choose gang colors for any of the cars they are able to select.
  • In GTA San Andreas, gang members will sometimes follow a female pedestrian and flirt with her.