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Gang Wars is a side mission in The Lost and Damned.


To start a Gang War, the player must (using a bike) drive to a designated meeting point and then drive to the enemy's location. Clay, Terry, Jim and three non-storyline characters will assist the player during a battle.

By completing an increasing number of Gang Wars, the number of enemies you have to fight increases, and their weapons get stronger as well. You will have to develop different strategies to beat these missions. The more gang wars that you complete the more things you will have to look out for e.g.: more attention from cops and enemies using deadly weapons like explosives. In later Gang Wars, enemies can withstand large amounts of gunfire before dying but still die instantly with a single shot to the head. An accurate, long ranged weapon like the Carbine Rifle is recommended.

The Gang Wars are infinite - even after completing 50 of them, they can still be played; this was likely done by Rockstar to provide players with a playable activity after the primary story missions, side missions and other activities required for 100% game completion are completed, as well as the ability to earn in-game cash for weapons and the like.


Hanging Out Wars: This gang warfare style is when a gang is situated in one location of the map and there approximately 20-30 enemies to gun down then has the capability to call for reinforcements.

  • Either Clay or Terry says this before Klebitz goes to the war ("I have intel that they are hangin in our very OWN Alderney") this means it is a Hanging Out war.
  • Try a hit-and-run-strategy. Some enemies will follow you to an ambush. Return to the remaining foes afterwards.
Cruising Wars: This gang warfare style is when there are gangs on the move and waiting for a provoked attack (Lost MC attacks). There are many enemies in this style of warfare as they do call for more backup and more gang members spawn.

  • Either Clay or Terry states ("They are just cruisin' and shit") this means that this war is a Cruising War.
  • Try a hit-and-run-strategy. Some enemies will follow you to an ambush. Return to the remaining foes afterwards.
Transportation Wars: This style of gang war requires Klebitz to chase down and destroy the main enemy vehicle without it getting away. In this gang war there are also many enemies trying to protect a vehicle at all cost that they even call for more backup. This type of gang war is triggered rarely in comparison with the other two types.

  • Either Terry or Clay says ("They are doing a little escort work last time I heard") this means that this mission is a Transportation War.
  • You should hit the target vehicle as quick and hard as you can with a Sawn-off Shotgun. Shoot the driver to stop the vehicle, then shoot at the vehicle until it starts burning and consequently explodes. Alternatively you can try to get ahead of the target vehicle and use an explosive weapon like the Rocket Launcher.

Members of the Lost MC[]

There are 24 members of the Lost MC that can join Johnny's formation in Gang Wars, other than the usually present Jim Fitzgerald, Clay Simons, and Terry Thorpe. Each new member (up to three) rides on the backs of Jim, Clay, and Terry and aid the group in killing enemies. Each can be toughened up to increase their AI and upgrade their weapons, but each can also be killed in every gang warfare event. Once one dies, the next member takes his place, although if all of them died once, they will comeback again.

Here are their names:


Below lists are the enemy gangs, and all of the vehicles used by enemy gangs in the Gang Wars. Some are target vehicles that require the player to destroy rather than kill off the enemy gang.

Gang Standard Vehicles Target Vehicles
The Angels of Death Angel
Gang Burrito
Yardie Jamaican
Hillside Posse
Huntley Sport
The Commission
(Gambettis, Pavanos,
Messinas, Lupisellas,
Ancelottis, Pegorinos)
PMP 600
Russian Mafia
(Petrovic's Family,
Faustin's Family,
Bulgarin's Family
Rascalov Family)
Albanians Futo


Completing a Gang War earns money and raises toughness of surviving Lost MC members.

Completing numbers of Gang Wars will reward Johnny with weapons which will spawn at either of his safehouses.

Completing 25 Gang Wars will raise the player's completion percentage.



  • Terry will refer an enemy gang as "lunatics" if the enemy gang is aggressive and this could be any gang except for Angels of Death.
  • The bikers that drive other than Terry and Clay on your side are always aggressive and will rush towards enemies when the battle starts, often leading towards their death while they can't defend themselves.
  • Jim, Terry, Clay and other different bikers do not need to survive to complete to war, only Johnny needs to survive, also it is possible to kill any of them without failing the gang war, it fails if either the gang members escape or if Johnny dies.
  • The gang will not follow you unless you are on a bike. This can be useful if you want to level up gang members. Simply switch to a car or helicopter and go to the gang location yourself. Once there, soften up the enemy gang's defenses with explosives. Soon the rest of the gang will show up and take out the remaining members.
  • If non-storyline bikers die in a Gang War, they can be resurrected in the next one if the player themselves dies.
  • Malc, during the mission "Heavy Toll", mentioned that the war between The Lost and AOD is very similar to warfare in Los Santos, presumably in reference to the similarity of the gang warfare systems in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • After the mission Was It Worth It?, Jim will no longer be with you on gang wars due to his murder, and is replaced with another member of The Lost each time the current one is killed. Also, instead of Jim's Zombie, a black Lycan is used by Lost MC gang members.
  • When it comes to Transportation Wars, there will be several bundles of cash lying around the site where the vehicle exploded, similar to a Gruppe Sechs Securicar.
  • Johnny refers to enemies as, for example, "AOD pricks" even if he fights another gang.
  • Vehicles tend to spawn with unique colors or with multiple accessories at once. Certain examples are Phantoms with a black color or Huntley Sports with four exhaust tubes and the two front grilles placed at once.
  • Many of The Lost bikers that appear in gang wars are reused Angels of Death character models.

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