A Gang Rancher in GTA Vice City Stories (Rear quarter view).

Gang Rancher is an SUV and gang car in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Gang Rancher is a modified variant of the Rancher but with four doors and a wider wheelbase. It serves are a gang car driven by the Sharks, and as such, are commonly parked in empire sites owned by the Sharks. The vehicle's front end, rim set, hood, and rear are different from the original Rancher and it also supports the gang's colors; which are red, white, and black.

The Gang Rancher's performance is considerably better than that of a standard Rancher. Its acceleration is delayed, but can reach a decent top speed along a straightaway. Braking and steering are also robust, considering the size of the vehicle itself. Though it has 4-wheel-drive the bulkiness and weak engine of the SUV cause so-so off-road capabilities.

Whenever the player attacks a empire site belonging to the Sharks, a death squad is sent after the player and they will drive-by and follow the player.


  • The Gang Rancher is often seen driven around Prawn Island even when all the businesses are acquired.


  • The vehicle plays either Wave 103 or Flash FM when entered by default, which suggests that the Sharks like Pop music.
  • All of the gang vehicles parked in a business site (except for the bike) is locked but if you recruit a gang member and try to go in it'll be locked but the door the gang member(s) open will be unlocked.
  • Internally, the Gang Rancher is named "gangbur", suggesting that it is a replacement for the Gang Burrito.
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