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The Game Boy Color, or GBC, is a third-generation handheld console of the Game Boy family of video game systems made by Nintendo and the "big brother" of the original Game Boy (with a black and white screen, and earlier with just shades of green). It is essentially a Game Boy Classic, except with the much needed capability of showing color. It is also slightly smaller in size, and a fair bit lighter than the classic.

It was launched in Japan on October 23, 1998.

A particularity of these consoles is that it is the first to be compatible with its predecessor, so the old games of the classic Game Boy can run on this new Game Boy and include color in a similar way to the Super Game Boy. But the Game Boy Color is not only a Game Boy with color, it has also ?improved the hardware with higher resolution graphics and speed, but it was inferior to contemporaries such as the Neo Geo Pocket or Wonderswan and even old consoles like the Atari Lynx, as much technical improvement could be similar to the Sega Game Gear.

A number of Game Boy Color games, distinguishable by their placement in original Game Boy cartridges (usually black in color) rather than the transparent cartridges normally associated with the Game Boy Color, are also playable (albeit with black and white graphics) on the original Game Boy and the Super Game Boy.

Grand Theft Auto games for the GBC

The Game Boy Color features handheld ports of Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2, though both versions are severely lacking from the PC and PS1 versions.

The Game Boy Color port of Grand Theft Auto is also compatible with the original Game Boy and Super Game Boy.