Gallivanter is a British luxury automotive manufacturer that appears in Grand Theft Auto V. The company is based off the British car manufacturer Land Rover.


The Baller and Baller Sport are both derived from Land Rover's luxury SUV flagship model, Range Rover. Version I is based off of the 2010 Range Rover Vogue. Version II is based off of the more sportier second generation Range Rover Sport.


Vehicle Style Based on (GTA V) Notes
Baller 4-door full-size luxury SUV 2002-2012 Range Rover Vogue (first generation)
2013-present Range Rover Sport (second generation)
Includes Baller Sport (second generation Baller).




  • Gallivanter is the noun of gallivant and it means "someone who roams around in search of amusement". This refers to Land Rover vehicles which frequently used as recreational off-road vehicle and Land Rover's reputation for producing excellent off-road vehicles (even the luxurious Range Rover and Chevrolet Tahoe is a good off-roader).
    • One of the synonyms for gallivant is the verb rove. A Rover could in some cases be called a Gallivanter, thus giving another link between Land Rover/ Range Rover and their in-game counterparts.
  • A Gallivanter garage exists in Rockford Hills. It is not enterable and no Gallivanter cars are found inside of it.
  • It's possible that Gallivanter may have been a subsidiary of Vapid since they manufacture the Huntley Sport, another Land Rover Range Rover inspired vehicle in Grand Theft Auto IV. Another possible explanation is that Vapid sold the Gallivanter marque in 2008 (after the events of GTA IV) the same way in real life Ford sold both Land Rover and Jaguar Cars to the Indian Tata Motors, after which point the vehicles began being sold under the Gallivanter name rather than that of its parent company.


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