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You think you're a big man. Where's your house on Middle Park East? Where's your big sports team, huh?
— Galina mocking Ray during In the Crosshairs.

Galina Bulgarin (Russian: Галина Булгарина) is an unseen (but heard) character in The Ballad of Gay Tony and the sister of Ray Bulgarin.

Events of The Ballad of Gay Tony

During Going Deep, she complains about how Ray mistreats her, and how he has moved his sports and music memorabilia into her house. Galina also insults Ray about how he doesn't have friends or a business and that he has a tiny penis because his wrestling coach made him take steroids. During the mission, In the Crosshairs, Bulgarin fires his AK-47 into the ceiling intensely until Galina can be heard screaming - Luis asks if she is okay, but Bulgarin quickly drops the subject. Whether the bullets killed, injured or just intimidated her is unknown.

Mission Appearances

The Ballad of Gay Tony