Official Policy This page documents the Official Policy of the GTA Wiki. It concerns standards that all users should follow.

This page details GTA Wiki's official policy on trivia.

What is trivia?

On wikis, trivia takes the form of lists of miscellaneous information.

Wikipedia has banned lists of trivia from articles. Various wikis hosted by Fandom have varying policies on how much trivia is allowed in any given article.

GTA Wiki trivia standards

As a general rule, GTA Wiki allows trivia, but at the same time actively discourages it, preferring that if at all possible, trivial information be integrated into the article rather than posted in its own section.

The reason for this is that when trivia is allowed, it tends to take over the article and allow for lazy editing without thought to where the information belongs within the actual article content. Specifically, when an editor wants to add something to the article, they just stick it in the list of trivia rather than trying to properly integrate it into the article itself. There is also the problem of editors adding trivia that is no more trivial than the statement "The sky is blue".

If you come across an article with a trivia section, editors are encouraged by this policy to delete the entire section. Editors are encouraged to integrate particularly interesting or useful trivia notes into the article, although leaving a short trivia section with a few important points is tolerated by policy.

Specific Examples

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  • Unless completely not coincidental, relations between Grand Theft Auto and other video games (be it clones or not) are not trivial. This includes games with vehicles, characters or locations with shared names.
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