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Here lists all To-Do Work that needs to be complete and/or expanded on the GTA Wiki. Further navigation and categorization can be seen with the listed articles below.

If you're wanting to create a new project, list it in one of the relevant articles below, or, if it is part of a series of articles, create a new article, list it below, and name it in the same fashion.

All projects for specific articles must be listed in alphabetical or numerical order.

Don't feel like completing these?


(List all main work for GTA Wiki, nothing in particular/specially for specific articles/article types, just general work).

  • Replacing "Based off" or "Based off of" with "Based on".
  • Placing the heading "Navigation" above navigation boxes at the bottom of articles.
  • Complete revision and cleanup (if necessary) or all pre-split pages. This affects all pages created before 2011.