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GTA Wiki Staff are users on GTA Wiki granted the ability and responsibility to keep the wiki running smoothly.

Purpose of Staff

The main purpose of GTA Wiki staff is to keep the wiki clean and free of vandalism, to keep it running smoothly, and mainly to help editors.

GTA Wiki staff should not use their tools to settle editing disputes; for example, to lock a page on a version they prefer in an editing dispute that isn't vandalism, or use their blocking tool to block a user they have a dispute with. Their tools should be used to help keep the wiki clear of vandalism, spam, and users who make malicious edits, but not for simple disagreements between users acting in good faith.

The ideal GTA Wiki staff member is just someone who is trusted to have a few extra buttons and to use them for the benefit of the GTA Wiki community.


GTA Wiki has a noticeboard specifically for requests for promotion: GTA Wiki:Requests for Promotion. Editors interested in applying for any Staff rights may file for promotion on that board. A community vote will take place on whether the user may be granted the promotion. The required 'yes' percentage is 70% for Administrators and Bureaucrats.

Patrollers are granted rollback rights through a unanimous appointment by Administrators or Bureaucrats, which is based on their activity and the quality of their contributions. However, any editor who believes they meet this criteria can apply at GTA Wiki:Requests for Promotion.

Demotion and Re-Promotion

Staff may request a demotion for themselves at any time. Staff demoted in this manner must reapply for Administrator and Bureaucrat rights on the GTA Wiki:Requests for Promotion noticeboard rather than making requests directly to a Bureaucrat.

Community discussions on whether to demote a current staff member also take place on the Requests for Promotion noticeboard. A percentage of 70% is required to demote an Administrator or Bureaucrat, 60% or unanimous consensus among bureaucrats to demote a Patroller. Requests for demotion may be deleted by an uninvolved Bureaucrat, but not the Bureaucrat the vote was invoked against.


The Bureaucrats are senior editors on GTA Wiki. As well as being full administrators, they have management abilities where they can grant limited user rights. They can promote and demote patrollers, administrators and moderators. They can promote other users to bureaucrat although they cannot demote other bureaucrats. Demotion of users by bureaucrats on GTA Wiki is not done without a community discussion, unless absolutely necessary. In cases where the community cannot reach consensus on an issue, the bureaucrats may hold a bureaucrats-only vote to reach a decision.

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The Administrators are trusted editors, equipped with the tools to keep the wiki running smoothly. They can issue blocks to troublesome editors, revert vandalism using the rollback tool, and delete, move and edit-protect pages. They are authorized to use the tools at their disposal to deal with issues facing the wiki to the best of their ability.

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Patrollers are regular wiki editors who have been granted the rollback tool to keep the wiki free of any vandalism. With a single click, they can revert edits. They also have the ability to move and/or rename pages and edit Administrator or Bureaucrat-protected pages, and manage posts made in Discussions.

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Inactive Staff

Staff are considered inactive after a 3 month period in which they haven't made any edits to GTA Wiki. Administrators and Patrollers who are inactive even after a courtesy reminder on their user talk page shall be demoted by policy - no community vote required. Staff automatically demoted in this fashion are not entitled to re-promotion and are required to re-apply for vacant staff roles if they return.


Promotion/Demotion checklist:

  • GTA Wiki:Requests for Promotion - User makes request at top of page under "Active Requests".
    • RfP - Users vote.
    • RfP - Bureaucrat - Closes RfP - Moves to "Inactive Requests" section
      • Brand new staff member? - User picks an artwork to represent their "avatar" on the Staff page, uploads a .png image in 1:1 (square) aspect ratio and picks a flag to represent their geolocation or other country of significance to them.
      • New geolocation? - User uploads a .svg format flag icon for their country of residence (or other country of significance to them if desired) if it does not already exist on the wiki.
  • Special:UserRights - Admin or Bureaucrat adds/moves user to appropriate rights group.
  • GTA Wiki:Staff page - Admin or Bureaucrat adds/moves user to appropriate section and adds their desired Staff artwork and flag if necessary.
  • GTA Wiki:About page - Staff member adds/removes user within or from the list of Staff members (if rank is higher than Patroller).
  • Template:Gtawiki staff - Staff member adds/moves user in appropriate section of the template and adds their desired flag if necessary.
  • MediaWiki:Staff.css - Admin or Bureaucrat adds/moves/removes user to appropriate section. (provides colour highlighting for all skins).
  • User profile page and User Talk page - User can apply the {{Staff}} template to their own pages if desired.
  • Timeline - Add new staff member/add new role & date, add end date.

Former staff

Former staff are users who once had staff rights on GTA Wiki but no longer have them either through resignation or demotion. This does not include users who were staff prior to the community split.

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