The Patroller Probation is a policy that applies to certain users applying for Patroller positions. If the user is inexperienced or if they have only been active for two months, they will face the three month period during which they will be observed. This also applies to previously demoted staff re-applying, but not to staff who have resigned. This policy makes sure that inexperienced members can adjust into a higher position, to see whether or not the user can stand up to the challenge.


After three months, a vote will be set up. The vote will take place on the Community Noticeboard page and voting will be limited to bureaucrats and administrators, equaling eight voters. In the case of a tie, the vote will go to a Bureaucratic veto. A successful vote will have 5 positive votes, and an unsuccessful vote will have 5 negative votes.

Patrollers may not vote, but they may leave comments on the user. Patrollers on probation will not lose their rights during a vote.

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