Official Policy This page documents the Official Policy of the GTA Wiki. It concerns standards that all users should follow.

All GTA Wiki content is edited collaboratively. GTA Wiki contributors are editors, not authors, and no one, no matter how skilled, has the right to act as if they are the owner of a particular article.


Some contributors feel possessive about material they have contributed to this project. Some go so far as to defend it against all others. It is one thing to take an interest in an article that you maintain on your watchlist. Maybe you are an expert or you just care about the topic. But if this watchfulness starts to become possessiveness, then you may be overdoing it. Believing that an article has an owner of this sort is a common mistake some editors make.

You cannot stop anyone from changing stuff that you edited once it has been posted to GTA Wiki. If you wish for people not to edit stuff that you contributed to the wiki, then do not edit.

Use of signatures

Since no one owns content added to GTA Wiki, content should never signed by users who contribute it. A list of editors and their contributions can be seen on the history tab. On the other hand, when adding comments, questions, or votes to talk pages, it is good to "own" your text, so the best practice is to sign it by suffixing your entry with ~~~~.

Examples of ownership behaviour

Below are some examples of article ownership behviour.

  • Article changes by different editors are reverted by the same editor repeatedly over an extended period to protect a certain version, stable or not (This does not include vandalism).
  • Using a "we don't need this" attitude towards new content on an article.
  • An editor disputes minor edits concerning layout, image use, and wording in a particular article daily. The editor might claim the right, whether openly or implicitly, to review any changes before they can be added to the article.
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