Official Policy This page documents the Official Policy of the GTA Wiki. It concerns standards that all users should follow.

Oddjob-ing is the act of a Staff member making minor edits upon a monthly basis in order to secure their staff position while they are inactive. The act is not permitted on the GTA Wiki and staff who do so over the course of 1 to 2 months will be demoted. Bureaucrats, Administrators and Patrollers will be alerted that they are doing so and will be told to increase their activity if they wish to remain Staff of the GTA Wiki. Administrators and Patrollers who can be seen doing the act after the aforementioned period will eventually have a demotion request filed against them on the Requests for Promotion article, where other users and staff will vote whether they think the Staff member should be demoted. Bureaucrats will be treated in a similar way, however due to their higher hierarchy, they will be given more time to become active again, but in compensation for this, will be expected to make a much larger amount of contributions in order to regain their reputation and activity.

Similarly, Jobsworth-ing is the act of Staff members making minor edits which unintentionally damage or break articles, with failure to fix such edits, before becoming inactive. Examples can be file damage, links broken, templates damaged, or general paragraphs or sections removed. This act is not permitted on the GTA Wiki, the act outlines the carelessness and lack of attention the Staff member pays to the Wiki. Staff members who commit oddjob-ing and jobsworth-ing will be requested for demotion for such actions.