A step by step guide to complying with the media policy of the GTA Wiki.


If you have saved a snapmatic image from the Rockstar Social Club or saved a console or Steam screengrab, they will be named something like:

  • 0_0 (03).jpg (PS3/Xbox360 Snapmatics)
  • nRIwmP3pik-zvHpNUaCV8w_0_0.jpg (PS4/XboxOne Snapmatics)
  • Grand Theft Auto V_20141219191638.jpg. (PS4 screen captures)

These types of image names must be renamed to meaningful titles. Ideally you should do this before uploading to GTA Wiki, but if you haven't, you can do it as you upload it.

Please read the media policy for the specific guidelines for each subject type.
As a general rule of thumb, filenames should have 3 parts:

  • Page Subject Name-GTA game version-Optional Description.png

When uploading your image, you are given a chance to rename your image to comply with the naming part of the policy. 

Visual Editor mode

Classic (Rich Text) Editor mode and Mobile (iOS users)

Licensing on upload

Whenever you add an image to the wiki, it must have its licensing attached. To attach a license to an image as you upload it follow these steps:

Visual Editor mode

Classic (Rich Text) Editor mode  and Mobile (iOS users)


If you choose to upload your new image(s) using the gallery builder (accessed by using the Add a photo to this gallery button to add an image to an existing gallery or using the Add Gallery feature in the classic editor to add a new gallery to a page), you will not see any of the above options to rename and add a license to your new image(s). You must rename the uploaded image(s) beforehand on your device and use the following Licensing Later process. As such, we do not recommend uploading images in this way.

Fixing Incorrect Media

If you didn't rename it, forgot to apply the license or used the Gallery functions described above, all is not lost. You can open the image page e.g. and do it manually.

Finding your Image(s)

There are a number of ways to navigate to your image file page.

Licensing Later

Renaming Later

If you have named a file incorrectly, you may be able to rename it yourself.

All registered, auto-confirmed users can rename a file. If you have just registered on, it may be a few days until you have permission to do this yourself. If you do not have this option, to show you are aware that the file is incorrectly named, you can apply a {{move|new-file-name.png}} template to the image page (following the same steps as you would to add the license template later as shown above).


That is all there is to it. Happy editing.

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If you need further help, message one of the GTA Wiki Staff and we will be happy to assist.

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