On the GTA Wiki, the differences of a vehicle's appearances are specified as "generations" under certain circumstances which ensure it is most likely a generation, and not just a entirely new vehicle. Generations are not the exact same car.


  • The new model of the vehicle must be manufactured by the same manufacturer in-game.
  • Both models should take inspiration from at least 1 real-life manufacturer in common.
  • The vehicles must take the same vehicle type and vehicle body style, i.e. pick-up, rally car, etc.
  • The vehicles have to be within the same universe. A 3D Universe counterpart cannot be classified as the preceding generation of a HD Universe counterpart.


The two generations must be listed in the infobox. The first generation model is listed before the successor(s). The caption must be as "The first/second/third/fourth/etc generation Vehicle Name in Grand Theft Auto Game."

The generations must also both appear in the design gallery, as a tabber, under "first/second/third/fourth generation (GTA Game)" tabs.

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