Files on vehicle articles are to be named properly so that they can be reached easily and can be added to other pages.

Front and Rear Quarters

  • Basic vehicles with only one version:
  • If the vehicle has a named GXT variant (i.e. Rumpo Custom) that contradicts the game file name (in this case, "Rumpo3", stick to available GXT Name:
  • If a vehicle has named livery counterparts (not GXT (entry name)), which aren't classified as new models in the game files (i.e. Weazel News Rumpo) name the livery:
  • If the vehicle has a variant which isn't named according to GTX (entry name), yet is considered a separate model in the game files (i.e. Deludamol Rumpo = Rumpo2), name the game file model name:

  • In rarer cases, if a vehicle variant which is numbered differently has multiple different liveries/versions (i.e. flatbed and boxed variants of Utility Truck = UtilityTruck2), include both different version name and the number:

The variants cases apply to any "variant" of a vehicle, for example, snow variants of the Asea, Fieldmaster, Mesa and Stockade - note these vehicles are not named "Snow" in-game, therefore we use the game file model name (asea2, tractor3, mesa2, stockade3, respectively) for these names. Note that, even though the snow Stockade is named on the livery (being "Bobcat Security), it's entry name still remains Stockade, thus we still resort to the game file name.

Variant cases with new entry names (for example, Rumpo Custom, Rusty Rebel, Tornado Custom) are to be named with these new names, rather than the supporting game file model name (rumpo3, rebel, tornado5, respectively).

Some completely transformed vehicles are still named after the original vehicle, for example, the Merryweather variant of the Mesa, which is completely lifted, and has new handling, is still named "Mesa" upon entry. Because of this, front and rear quarter pictures are to be named after its game file model name, "mesa3".

As far livery vehicles, if the livery is not named according to entry name, nor is classed as a separate model in-game, in files, the livery should be worded before the vehicle name, for example, Pisswasser Mule, Sprunk Benson, Fukaru Tyrus.

Cases where there are multiple versions of an existing variant, the file should include a 2/3 word additional description after the vehicle name, for example, the multiple variations of the Utility Truck, where these additional versions (accessories, additional panels, large pre-existing modifications) are not named. This naming also applies to describing the additional accessories found on cars, such as Regina with roof components, or Huntley Sport with multiple exhausts and side skirts.

Current Design Gallery

Images in the CDG are to be named correctly following both the Manual of Style and the Image Policy. As such, images are not to clash with other image names.

  • Alternate front and rear quarter images, which are not those found in the infobox or design history gallery, are to be labeled "FrontQuarter" and "RearQuarter".
  • The three sides of the vehicle, front, rear and side, are to be labeled with capital letters, "Front", "Rear", and "Side", as these will not clash with the infobox images, which use lower case. Alternatively, users may prefer to use "Front view", "Rear view" and "Side view".
  • Top images are to be named "Top".
  • Underside images are to be named "Underside".
  • Inside images (looking from the outside of the vehicle) are to be named "Inside".
  • Engine images are to be named "Engine", even if the engine itself cannot be seen (for example, Docktug and Cutter)
  • Dashboard images are to be named "Dashboard".
  • Detail images are to be named "Detail" or "Badges".
  • Other or open images are to be named "Open" (if doors, hoods and/or trunks are open) or "Other" (if an alternative view is used, for example on bikes).

An example of a Current Design Gallery following this Manual of Style, as taken from Tornado Custom:

===Current Design Gallery===
<!--Please ensure you have read the Manual of Style [GTA_Wiki:Manual_of_Style/Vehicles/Design_Galleries] before uploading and adding images to the Current Design Gallery. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in the images being removed and deleted, and repeated offences may result in a warning.-->{{Current Design Gallery
| front_quarter_image = TornadoCustom-GTAO-FrontQuarter.png
| top_image           = TornadoCustom-GTAO-Top.png
| rear_quarter_image  = TornadoCustom-GTAO-RearQuarter.png
| front_image         = TornadoCustom-GTAO-Front.png
| side_image          = TornadoCustom-GTAO-Side.png
| rear_image          = TornadoCustom-GTAO-Rear.png
| engine_image        = TornadoCustom-GTAO-Engine.png
| underside_image     = TornadoCustom-GTAO-Underside.png
| inside_image        = TornadoCustom-GTAO-Inside.png
| detail_image        = TornadoCustom-GTAO-Detail.png
| open_other_image    = TornadoCustom-GTAO-Open.png
| dashboard_image     = TornadoCustom-GTAO-Dashboard.png

For more information on Design Galleries, please see GTA Wiki:Manual of Style/Vehicles/Design Galleries.

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