Here specifies the minimum and recommended specifications regarding Design Galleries on GTA Wiki.


On all vehicle articles, a design gallery of the latest appearance of the vehicle should be present. The design gallery has the code {{Current Design Gallery}} and should be placed under a ===Current Design Gallery=== sub-heading under the Design heading of articles.

The purpose of the design gallery is to give an in depth visualization of the vehicle itself, where certain features are imaged or are seen that would not be visible or clear in the Front and Rear Quarters of the vehicle.

Design galleries are for the HD Universe only (IV, TBOGT, TLAD, V, Online).


  • The images must be taken between 10:00 and 15:00 (10:00 AM and 3:00 PM), weather must be clear or sunny.
  • Shadows must be facing away from the vehicle; the sides not seen.
  • Images must be taken:
    • At the skateboard ramps on top of Hawaiian Snow in Alta (GTA V: small vehicles), or in the northern area of LSIA (GTA V: large vehicles - Trucks).
    • At Happiness Island (GTA IV: any vehicle).
  • Where an image required cannot be taken (for example, there is no Engine Bay view available), take the necessary steps to obtain something similar (in this case, take a picture of where the engine would be).
  • Photographs must not be tampered with.
  • The design gallery is only finished when all 12 images are captured and added (NOTE: Dashboard images are not available for any game earlier than GTA V.)
  • No modded vehicles allowed (unless for personal use on a User page).
    • No Los Santos Custom/Benny's Original Motor Works modified vehicles.
    • No pre-modified vehicles.
  • Enhanced Version Only [?] for Grand Theft Auto V Design Galleries.


12 images are available in the design gallery:

  • Front Quarter View - A view of the front quarter of the vehicle. Can be the infobox image (same case with the Rear Quarter view), but if it is a new image, it is to be consistent with the rest of the gallery.
  • Top View - A view of the top of the vehicle: directly above the vehicle.
  • Rear Quarter View - A view of the rear quarter of the vehicle. Can be the infobox image (same case with the Front Quarter view), it is to be consistent with the rest of the gallery.
  • Front View - A view of the front of the vehicle: directly in front.
  • Side View - A view of the side of the vehicle: directly at the side.
  • Rear View - A view of the rear of the vehicle: directly behind.
  • Engine View - A view of the engine (OR where the engine would be if the vehicle's engine cannot be seen)
  • Underside View - A view of the underside of the vehicle.
  • Inside View - A view of the vehicle with its door open, looking inside the vehicle. (If it has a unique interior, such as buses or camper vans, consider taking a picture of that instead)
  • Detail - Preferably badges, or anything else that is unique on the vehicle; detail.
  • Other modelling - Preferably a view of the vehicle with as many doors/hood/trunk open as possible. (If not, anything else - similar to Detail - that is unique on the vehicle)
  • Dashboard View - A view of the dashboard in First Person Mode (GTA V only).


  • Try using the Rockstar Editor's Free Camera for the best shots. This can be done by recording the player driving the vehicle into the necessary position and exiting, then editing the video, using the Rockstar Editor and Free Camera, and using the Snapmatic command to take a picture of the shot.
  • Use Director Mode if timing, weather and vehicles are an issue.
  • Move the vehicle around the skateboard ramp (or otherwise - see Specification) so the sunlight is shining onto the vehicle and all shadows are cast away from the player's eye.
  • Avoid cropping images: if it is a last resort, at least crop it to the correct size or in proportion to it (1920 x 1080px, or 960 x 536px).
  • Try not to damage the car. Minor scratches on the skirts or underside can be ignored.
  • Air vehicles can be done at Los Santos International Airport or in mid-air (the latter for effect).
  • Try getting the camera as close to the vehicle as possible, leaving minimal amounts of excess image around the vehicle (but avoid cropping and leaving just the vehicle).
  • Front Quarter Views and Rear Quarter Views in the Design Gallery can be on the skateboard ramps and is preferred for consistency.
  • As already stated, the design gallery must be of the latest game appearance. If the vehicle appears in two HD Universe games (e.g. GTA IV and GTA V), and has differed in design (generation*), a tabbed (<tabber></tabber>) design gallery containing the necessary generations can be inserted.
  • Once a car returns from a game that already had a design gallery, the design gallery must be updated to the latest appearance (often with DLCs in GTA V, Faction and Virgo Classic are examples)

*Examples include the Comet, Coquette, Cavalcade and Buccaneer.


Current Design Gallery


The following source code is to be used for Current Design Galleries in the Source Editor.

<!--Please ensure you have read the Manual of Style [GTA_Wiki:Manual_of_Style/Vehicles/Design_Galleries] before uploading and adding images to the Current Design Gallery. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in the images being removed and deleted, and repeated offences may result in a warning.-->{{Current Design Gallery
|front_quarter_image = 
|top_image           = 
|rear_quarter_image  = 
|front_image         = 
|side_image          = 
|rear_image          = 
|engine_image        = 
|underside_image     = 
|inside_image        = 
|detail_image        = 
|open_other_image    = 
|dashboard_image     = 
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