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This page documents the Manual of Style guidelines of the GTA Wiki.
It concerns standards that all users should follow.

In order to keep our wiki providing the best information about radio stations to the reader there are set guidelines that should be used in order to create high-quality articles that ensure the best information and a convenient reading experience for readers. Standard rules such as "neutral point of view" and third-person perspective apply for editing for radio station articles.


The intro should also contain a short summary about the radio station and the game(s) it appears in.
  • Overview/Description
Should be a written expansion of information summarized by the infobox - music genres, DJ information, which characters prefer the station, studio location if known, broadcast locations and limits etc.
  • Tracklist (If 80% of the tracklist is available on Spotify, it can contain Template:Tracklist with Template:Spotify previews. Example: Liberty Rock Radio).
    • Track dates should reflect the first publication of that track by an artist (e.g. if a single appears on an album before it was released as a single, the album date should be used, and vice versa).
    • Deleted/unused tracks can be separately listed as long as they are accompanied by a valid <ref> source.
  • Programs:
    • If a talk station contains multiple named programs then a subheading for each program containing a {{Main|link}} to the program page and a brief description of the nature of each of the program. Detailed caller information should only be contained in the individual program pages.
  • Transcripts:
    • For music stations, a transcript of DJ continuity can be included using a sub-page /transcript and {{Scriptbox}} template.
    • For talk stations, each talk program should have its own page with each /transcript sub-page falling under the individual program page. Example: Chattersphere and Chattersphere/Transcripts. In the case of talk stations with no named programs, the /transcript can be a sub-page of the station.
  • Appearances
    • Missions (Only if the song is scripted to play during the mission.)
    • Other Appearances (Trailers, in-game TV Shows, Commercials, inside businesses...)
  • Gallery (if there are any images to post in the article)
  • Trivia
  • References
  • Navigation

What to avoid[]

  • Using copyrighted songs on .ogg audio files. (Unless it is a song made for the game e.g. Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto 2 and Grand Theft Auto Advance soundtrack)
    • If necessary, upload an .ogg audio file that is less than 20 seconds long, using the Fair use license. See GTA Wiki:Copyright for more detail on our copyright policy.
    • The .ogg audio files must have a recognizable part of the music.
  • Adding tracklist template for unused songs mentioned in the game's files which were obviously never licensed.
  • Opinions, speculation and and fan-fiction content.
  • Adding user-modified images to article pages, as the natural forms are all that is necessary.
  • Adding images alongside text in loose form. Images should only be in the lead infobox or one of the organised galleries.
  • Unlicensed Youtube videos which can be subjected to takedown notices from rights holders at any time, leaving unsightly dead video links on our pages.


  1. See: This webpage for a guide to the difference between the core station genre and the sub-genres of individual songs played.