In order to keep our wiki providing the best information about gangs to the public, there are set of guidelines that should be used in order to create high-quality articles that ensure the best information and a convenient reading experience for readers. Standard rules such as "neutral point of view" and third-person perspective apply for editing for gang articles.


The standard format that shall be used for all new gang articles created after 20 July, 2013 is as follows. Under Heading 2 (heading 3 for insets), the following sections must be created in this order;

  • (No headings required for opening section). Necessary maintenance templates such as {{unreleased}}, {{stub}} or {{cleanup}} along with the gang infobox {{Infobox gang}} containing a group photo (where available). Beside the infobox should be a single sentence introducing the gang; it's full name and the title(s) that it appears in.
  • History
    • Background
    • Events in [name of the game(s)]
  • Mission Appearences
  • Members and Associates
    • Members
    • Associates
  • Turfs
  • Gallery
  • Influence from real life gangs
  • Trivia
  • Navigation (no need for heading navigation box only and the name of the gang should be in navbox)

What to avoid

  • Opinions and biased information.
  • Speculation will be met with very low tolerance and will most likely be removed.
  • Adding modded images to article pages, as the natural forms are all that is necessary.
  • Adding images alongside text in loose form. Images should only be in the lead infobox or one of the organised galleries.
  • "The sky is blue" trivia points; we would like to avoid the possibility of patronizing our readers.