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This page documents the Manual of Style guidelines of the GTA Wiki.
It concerns standards that all users should follow.

Events in GTA Online are occasional celebrations of new content or notable dates. These are often held every week, often to release a new vehicle, game mode, or host discounts on certain in-game purchasables. In order to maintain consistency, event pages are to follow a Manual of Style. This also ensures all events are equally reachable and maintain the same level of detail, necessary information and links to related content.


All Event articles are to use a specific infobox, Template:Infobox Event. The infobox lists key details as well as a complimentary image which supports the title, generally of which contains the subject of new content, such as a vehicle, game mode or Official Rockstar artwork.

{{Infobox Event
|name         = [Event]
|image        = 
|game         = ''[[Grand Theft Auto Online]]''
|offers       = 
{{BP}}offer 1
{{BP}}offer 2
|availability = [month] [day a] to [month] [day b] [year]
|rgsc = [RGSC post link "The name of the RGSC post"]
|newswire = [Newswire post link "The name of the Newswire post"]


Generally, as most events occur every week and are not titled with specific names on the Rockstar Games website, nor the Rockstar Games Social Club, the article name itself must reflect the focal point of the event. New vehicles released are generally written first in the Social Club/Rockstar Games website title, thus this should be the article name. If a new game mode is released alongside, an additional redirect may be created to the article.

If the event celebrates a special occasion, for example, Festive Surprise (Christmas) or Anniversary Specials, the article name should reflect that of the name Rockstar commonly refer.

There are also common patterns with regards to national holidays, like Christmas, Valentine's Day and Halloween:

  • The initial DLC content is usually re-released. This means that there is no "DLC" and so an event article for that year should be created.
  • New content is now often released as part of the event rather than actual downloadable content.

The title should also be listed in the name section of the infobox.


Most events offer discounts on existing content, and double GTA$ and RP on new content. In the infobox, it's better to list the basis of what is offered, for example:

  • Store Updates (new vehicles or properties)
  • Job Updates (new game modes)
  • Discounts (discounts on content prices)
  • Double Earnings (double GTA$ or RP awards)
  • Live Stream (commonly, live streams are hosted by Rockstar on YouTube, with notable public figures or GTA gamers participating in the new modes or content)

The offers should only be elaborated upon in dedicated sections. This includes bullet points with all details, and a reference to quotes used on the Rockstar Games website article.


Availability (dates) should be listed in the lead description and the infobox. Avoid the use of "the [date]" and stick to "[month] [day] [year]". As Rockstar Games is an American company, Month is listed before date.


Any complimenting images featured on the Rockstar Games website article, usually posters of some form, can be listed in the gallery. As there will only be a small number of images, go for bigger image widths in the gallery section.


Make sure every single detail is referenced. That will total to a large number of references (often between 7 and 15) and so the reference template works better inside a scrollbox:



A dedicated Navbox for events has been created. As events are usually released alongside, or in collaboration with DLCs both the event and online DLC navboxes are relevant for readers. These are big navboxes so they should be in collapsed state.

|title= Navigation
{{GTAonline Events|state=collapsed}}
{{Gtao updates|state=collapsed}}


Finally, categories. There are only two categories relevant to Events,

If you feel there are more relevant categories, feel free to add them to the article.



A list of the best, most complete GTA Online Event articles:


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