Official Policy This page documents the Official Policy of the GTA Wiki. It concerns standards that all users should follow.

In order to ensure the wiki provides the best information in its best format, there are a set of Manuals of Style that enforce different editing guidelines concerning different subjects. We, the contributors of GTA Wiki, want to ensure that all readers have a convenient reading experience and enough information to reference their Grand Theft Auto game(s).

GTA Wiki Manuals of Style


Events MOS Icon
GTA Titles
Articles regarding Grand Theft Auto titles & DLCs.
Missions, side-missions and activities.


People MOS Icon
Articles concerning characters of the GTA series.
Articles concerning gangs and gang cultures.
Articles concerning real people - Voice actors, game producers/artists etc.


Cars, trucks, bikes, planes, helicopters and boats.
Design Galleries
Vehicle article design galleries.
Vehicle generations and variations.
Speed Testing
Vehicle speed testing.


Neighborhoods, districts, boroughs and regions.
Roads, streets and highways.
Articles concerning structures and buildings.


Businesses MOS Icon
Hand guns, melee weapons and explosives.
Radio Stations
Radio Stations.
Businesses, Brands.

General Rules

The GTA Wiki Intent

GTA Wiki;

  • Intends to provide users with accurate information.
  • Concurs that information, events or claims not easily repeatable, attainable or otherwise difficult to obtain should be cited with a supporting reference.
  • Believes that anything and everything in or about the official Grand Theft Auto series should be documented.
  • Treats all articles as documentation of a fictional game, and not a fandom recreation or replication of the real world.
  • Welcomes all users, suggestions and constructive criticism.

Language Usage

  • In general, please do not change American English to British English (or vice versa), as it is considered unnecessary.
  • American English is the default language on the Wiki, though British English is also accepted. On vehicle pages, the language used should be determined by the in-game country of origin of the vehicle as determined in the Vehicles Manual of Style.
    • The following lists numerous words typically found on vehicle pages that must abide to the origin of the real-life vehicle
      • NA: airplane, EU: aeroplane
      • NA: aluminum, EU: aluminium
      • NA: trunk, EU: boot
      • NA: windshield, EU: windscreen
      • NA: racing car, EU: race car
      • NA: gas(oline), EU: petrol
      • NA: customization, EU: customisation
      • NA: color, EU: colour
      • NA: accessorize, EU: accessorise
      • NA: aging, EU: ageing

Grammar, Spelling and Rules of Language

  • All article titles are to follow title case - all words in page names are to begin with uppercase, with the exception of short connectives, conjunctions and determiners (up to 3 letters maximum), such as "a", "and" and "the" (unless of course the page title begins with such connectives).
  • Article titles should ideally avoid beginning with punctuation, however individual exceptions may be given - in all instances, a redirect without punctuation-starters should be created.
  • Page content is to be written in third person in the perspective of the player, the protagonist or other specific characters. First person (singular pronouns such as "I") and second person (personal pronouns such as "you") are not permitted unless they are part of a quote from a character or written text.
    • Numerous words are often written as one word when they are in fact separate words, or hyphenated. e.g.
      • paintjob/paint job

Bold, Italics and Link Usage

  • The subject (page name) of any article must be bold when appearing in captions of galleries, infoboxes, and any other pictures where the page name is mentioned.
  • The Gallery is to be located before the Trivia section (if either exist) on any article.
  • Italics are to be used on any mention of a Grand Theft Auto game, or any other game mentioned. The full form of a GTA game is to be used in the lead description (beginning line of an article), as well as be linked to the corresponding game's article. It is not mandatory to use full forms for any other mentions, however they must still be italicized.
    • Following from this, headings of GTA games must be both full form and italicized, but not linked.
  • Titles of television, film and radio programs, musical albums, games and newspapers and magazines within the GTA universe itself, as well as real life equivalents of these, must be italicized as well.
    • Following from this, headings of these in-game works must also be italicized, but not linked.
  • Direct quotes from the game, be it character dialog or media reports (radio, TV, print, internet, social media) should never contain links.


  • Generally speaking, galleries should meet the following criteria across all articles:
    • Width: default (250px) when 4 or more images, 270px when 3 or less images.
    • Spacing: small
    • Position: center

For example:

<gallery position="center" spacing="small">


Main article: GTA Wiki:Trivia
  • As per the Trivia policy, Trivia sections on all articles are actively discouraged and if required, should be at the foot of any page content; i.e. the last content section only above any "References", "See Also", or "Navigation" section headings.


  • To discuss about adding another Manual of Style or about changing the format, please do so on the talk page.
  • Content on this page and/or its sub-pages are subject to change or extension by the discretion of administrators.
  • While users will not be warned for initially failing to meet the expectations of the Manual of Style, it is advisory and repeated offensives may result in blocks.
  • Any user can create a Manual of Style. Users may use the talk page to ask for help in creating a Manual of Style. Administrators will then verify whether the guidelines meet the general wiki criteria and structure and make changes if necessary.


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