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This page documents the Official Policy of the GTA Wiki.
It concerns standards that all users should follow.

This page documents the Official GTA Wiki Policy on leaked content.


The definition of a Leak, in this context, is "an intentional disclosure of something secret or private."

Under no circumstances should users post, share, distribute, or link to leaked content on the GTA Wiki. Leaked content is subject to copyright and intellectual property laws and may result in severe consequences for both individuals and the platform. Users are encouraged to report any instances of leaked content to Staff members promptly.

Highly sensitive information, including upcoming content or games that have not been officially announced or released by Rockstar Games, requires special attention to ensure the integrity of the GTA Wiki. Staff members should conduct regular reviews of such content to identify and address any potential leaks of highly sensitive information. Pages that are known to attract potential leaks or speculative content about upcoming games should receive special attention from patrolling staff members.

If any leaked content has been verified, Staff members should act swiftly to delete the content from the wiki.

Prohibited Leaked Content

Leaked content refers to any material related to the Grand Theft Auto series that has been obtained, distributed, or shared without the explicit authorization of Rockstar Games. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Game footage: The GTA Wiki shall not include videos or streams showcasing gameplay, cutscenes, or any content from upcoming or unreleased GTA games.
  2. Screenshots: The GTA Wiki should not contain images taken from unreleased or unannounced GTA games or any material not officially published by Rockstar Games.
  3. Documentation: The GTA Wiki should not contain information, artwork, scripts, or any written material pertaining to unreleased or unannounced GTA games that is not publicly available through official channels.

Permissible Leaked Content

Unless otherwise stated by Rockstar Games, documentation of leaked content itself is not permitted.

  1. Unreleased content found in game files: The GTA Wiki may document content that is discovered within the game files of existing GTA titles but has not been officially released or announced by Rockstar Games. In such cases, an {{Upcoming}} disclaimer should be displayed to indicate that the content is not yet officially available in the game.
  2. Official recognition of leaks by Rockstar Games: The GTA Wiki may cover leaks that have been officially recognized and addressed by Rockstar Games. Documentation of these is highly sensitive and therefore should adhere to the decisions made by Rockstar Games following the leak, such as the removal of shared leaked content (images or videos of, or links to, such content are therefore prohibited unless otherwise stated by Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive).
  3. Historical analysis: The GTA Wiki may document significant leaks that have impacted the GTA series' development or community. The focus should be on the impact of the leak and/or the content it covers rather than sharing or distributing the leaked content itself. At no point should footage or code snippets/data extracts be included or referenced, but referencing a file path and/or line number (in the case of leaked code) or image description (in the case of leaked videos or imagery) is acceptable.
Last amended: 17/02/2024 by Monkeypolice188 (revision | history)

Sensitive Leaked Content

Sensitive leaked content refers to significant leaked material that has become widely accepted by a community fanbase but not endorsed by Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, or only acknowledged to the extent of its existence.

The two primary instances of sensitive leaked content are the Grand Theft Auto V 2023 source code leaks and the Grand Theft Auto VI September 2022 leaks.

Both events involved the release of highly sensitive information, including video footage and/or extensive file data totaling several gigabytes. While the latter was acknowledged a day after the leak with a statement from Rockstar Games on their website and social media, the former has yet to receive official recognition. Content from both leaks is actively removed from social media and other websites at the request of Take-Two Interactive, thus classified as sensitive on GTA Wiki.

Despite takedown requests, such content remains widely accessible to the public via platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit. The importance of these leaks is widely recognized by fans and should not be disregarded.

Following both events, discussions were held among regular and new editors, as well as GTA Wiki Staff, regarding the documentation of such information. In early 2024, discussions on the GTA Wiki Discord led to an agreement that exceptions to the existing leaked content policy could be made, provided the content is handled extremely cautiously on a case-by-case basis and adheres to existing guidelines along with the following additional ones:

  1. Screenshots or video footage of sensitive leaked content may not be uploaded.
  2. Files, code snippets, or data extracts of sensitive leaked content may not be added to articles or used as references.
  3. Links to external sources containing any of the above may not be included in articles or references.

All of these rules can be overridden if Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive officially acknowledge specific examples and/or endorse the distribution of such content, though the likelihood of this remains low.

As with any leaked content, specific cases may be deleted at the discretion of an Administrator if deemed non-compliant.

Reference examples

It is strongly encouraged to use file paths, names, and/or line numbers or timestamps of sensitive leaked content as references. The {{Ref}} template should be used where possible (in compliance with the References policy and the Reference style guidelines). Below are examples of appropriate ways to reference sensitive leaked content:

Example referencing a file

|name = subject_v-leaks-2023
|type = scriptdata
|date = 30/06/2024
|url  = 
|ref  = Line 46
|filepath   = X:\gta5\src\dev_ng\game\animation\AnimBones.h
|filedata   = 
Script data: Line 46

Example referencing a specific name from a file

|name = subject_v-leaks-2023
|type = scriptdata
|date = 30/06/2024
|url  = 
|ref  = Line 6793
|filepath   = X:\gta5\src\dev_ng\game\Vehicles\VehicleFactory.cpp
|filedata   = va_feltzer2010
Script data: Line 6793

Example referencing a timestamp in video footage

|name = subject_vi-leaks-2022
|type = timestamp
|date = 30/06/2024
|url  = 
|ref  = 00:01:23
|filepath   = Americas 2022-04-06 15-55-26.mp4
|filedata   = 
Timestamp: 00:01:23
Americas 2022-04-06 15-55-26.mp4

Example referencing a screenshot

|name = subject_vi-leaks-2022
|type = screenshot
|date = 30/06/2024
|url  = 
|ref  = filename.png
|filepath   = 
|filedata   = 
Screenshot: filename.png
Last amended: 16/05/2024 by Monkeypolice188 (revision | history)


  • When coming across suspected leaked content on the GTA Wiki, report it immediately.
  • If ever concerned or confused about whether certain content qualifies as leaked on the GTA Wiki, do not hesitate to contact a Staff member.
  • Whenever an article pertains to content that has not been officially released or announced by Rockstar Games, an {{Upcoming}} banner should be placed at the top of the article.
    • Sensitive leaked content should be marked with {{Upcoming|leaked=y}} (for upcoming content) or {{Beta|leaked=y}} (for beta content) at the top of the article.
  • Before mentioning or discussing leaked information on the GTA Wiki, strive to verify the authenticity and credibility of the content from reliable sources.

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