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This page documents Help information available on the GTA Wiki.
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Not sure how to do something on GTA Wiki? Need a bit of help with using images? Can't remember how to do tables? This is where you can get some Help.

If you have a question that has not already been answered, please just Ask Us.

  • How To - How to use GTA Wiki, find your way and edit pages
  • Editing - How to format text, images, tables and pages.
  • Articles - How content articles should be written and presented.
  • Help:Page history - Help with page history.
  • Help:Revert - How to use reverting, and undoings.
  • Categories - How categories work, and how to use them
  • Templates - Different methods of including templates
  • Images - Different methods of showing images
  • Infoboxes - How to use infobox tables & templates on articles
  • Interwiki - What an interwiki link is and how to use them
  • Todo List - How to use to-do lists on pages
  • Userboxes - How to use Userboxes on your personal user page
  • Magic Words - How to use keywords to output variables, etc.
  • Parser Functions - How to use functions such as #if, #expr, #time
  • Moving pages - How to move pages.
  • Deleting pages - How to remove content, and delete pages.
  • Redirects - How to use redirects.
  • Watchlist - How to use watchlists.
  • Talk pages - What talk pages are for, and how to use them.
  • Recent changes - How to use recent changes.
  • Special pages - What special pages are and how to use them.

For official guidelines on which methods to use, what should be included in the wiki, and what is/isn't allowed, please see our Policies.