Official Policy This page documents the Official Policy of the GTA Wiki. It concerns standards that all users should follow.

Cleanup Templates can be used to tag pages which require attention from editors or administrators. Cleanup Templates are listed at Category:Cleanup Templates. See more information at Cleanup

Template Description Category
{{prod}} Proposed Deletion - This page is probably useless, and administrators should consider deleting it. Members have a chance to respond on the Talk page. Category:Delete
{{delete}} Speedy Deletion - This page is useless, and should be deleted. There won't be any disputes over this, and an administrator can just delete it if they agree. Category:Delete
{{vandal}} Vandalism - This page (or section) has been subject to vandalism or spam, and needs to be fixed immediately. For entire pages of vandalism, use {{delete}} instead. Category:Delete
{{cleanup}} Cleanup - This page (or section) does not conform to Policy, and needs to be cleaned up by an experienced user Category:Cleanup
{{Stub}} Stub - This page is almost empty of information, but is a useful enough topic to need to be built up. Please place {{stub}} at the top of an article. If the page is totally empty or has no explanation of its relevance, use {{prod}} instead. Category:Stubs
{{arrange}} Arrange - This article is confusing and difficult to read. Often just lots of unorganised paragraphs. It needs organising, rearranging, and probably rewriting. Category:Cleanup
{{images}} Needs Images - This page (or section) requires more (or improved) images Category:Images Needed
{{verify}} Verification Needed - The accuracy of some information on this page (or section) has been disputed. Check the page is factual, correct any inaccurate information and remove any unfounded information. Also, place a request on the talk page (or the talk page of the user that added the content) to ask for verification of the information. Category:Cleanup
{{List}} List Incomplete - A list on this page is incomplete out of date, and requires updating. Category:Cleanup
{{redlinks}} Redlinks - This page (or section) has a lot of Red Links (Wanted Pages or Categories), which need to be created. This commonly occurs on a new list, such as the vehicles/missions/characters list of a new game, or a list of articles previously not included in the wiki. Category:Cleanup
{{outofdate}} Out Of Date - This page (or section) is out of date, and requires editing to make the information current. If the page is irrelevant, use {{prod}} instead. Category:Cleanup
{{merge}} Merge - This page needs to be merged into/with another one. Category:Merge
{{move}} Move - This page needs to be moved to another one. Do NOT just copy-and-paste content into a new page, ask for Staff to move it properly. If required to delete the 'other' page, Admin rank is required. Category:Merge
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