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This page documents the Official Policy of the GTA Wiki.
It concerns standards that all users should follow.

This page documents the Official GTA Wiki Policy on blocking users.


Blocking refers to partially or fully restricting a user from editing content on the GTA Wiki. It is a power only given to trusted users; Administrators or higher staff.

Blocking should be used as a last resort and should only be applied when other methods of addressing issues, such as warnings or discussions, have proven ineffective. Blocking decisions should be made based on the severity of the violation, with the primary goal of preserving the quality and integrity of the GTA Wiki.

Reasons for blocking

There are many reasons a user may be blocked from editing the wiki. This list includes some of the most common reasons.

  • Vandalism - deliberately damaging an article's content, such as partial or entire content removal, or defacing of existing content.
  • Edit Warring - continuously reinstating or reverting of misleading, misinforming or otherwise inappropriate content.
  • Multiple Accounts - creating multiple accounts to evade existing blocks or to deceive the community.
  • Incivility - any behavior, communication, or action that is disrespectful, offensive, or harmful to other users.
  • Under Age - users must be at least 13 (16 in the EEA, excluding the UK) years old or over to have an account and use Fandom.
  • Usernames - usernames must not be deliberately offensive, misleading or otherwise problematic.

Block lengths

Block lengths are subjective and depend on the severity of the infraction. This is generally at the discretion of the Staff member who initiates the block, although Staff may hold consultations with other Staff members in more complicated situations. As a general rule of thumb, when in doubt, Staff should not block a user unless the situation escalates.

"Temporary" blocks

A temporary block is a short-term restriction placed on a user's ability to edit or participate in discussion for a very brief period, typically lasting less than a couple of hours. It is a measure taken to address minor instances of disruptive editing or offenses that may require immediate intervention to prevent further disruption.

Temporary blocks are initiated when a user has repeatedly ignored previous warnings or discussions regarding their behavior and continues to engage in actions that disrupt the community or require staff intervention. These blocks serve as a temporary deterrent, allowing the community or administrators to address the issue at hand and maintain a respectful and productive environment. Once the block expires, the user regains their editing privileges and can continue to contribute, ideally with a better understanding of the community's expectations for behavior and conduct.

Partial blocks

A partial block is a notable restriction placed on a user's ability to edit, often between several weeks and up to several months. These restrictions are implemented in response to users committing significant violations of community guidelines, typically after having repeatedly ignored previous warnings. The primary purpose of a partial block is to provide the user with an extended period of time for reflection and re-evaluation of their actions.

These blocks are designed to give users the opportunity to pause and reconsider their behavior and contributions to the community. By temporarily limiting their editing capabilities, it encourages them to acknowledge the gravity of their actions and the importance of adhering to policy. The lengths of subsequent blocks may be reconsidered based on the user's continued behavior and the impact on the community's environment. The ultimate goal is to foster a respectful and productive atmosphere within the community by addressing significant violations and encouraging positive changes in user behavior.

You have been blocked until 3rd September, 2023 for violating the Policy.
The reason given is: Disruptive editing

Indefinite blocks

An indefinite block is a highly exceptional and rarely used measure that results in a user being permanently restricted from editing the GTA Wiki. These blocks are typically reserved for the most severe cases where a user's actions demonstrate a complete disregard for constructive contributions and a significant threat to the community's well-being.

Indefinite blocks are issued when a user's behavior reaches an extreme level, such as mass-scale and deliberate vandalism, or when they engage in severely threatening behavior towards Staff or other users. These actions reflect a total lack of interest in adhering to community guidelines and an unwillingness to contribute positively. They may also be used on confirmed sock puppet accounts.

These blocks are unlikely to be lifted unless there is a compelling reason for Staff to reconsider their impact on the community. The decision to impose an indefinite block is made with careful consideration of the severity of the offense and the potential harm posed to the community. Ultimately, the purpose of an indefinite block is to protect the community and its integrity from severe disruptions.

You have been permanently blocked for violating the Policy.
The reason given is: Repeated vandalism

Blocking protocol

Staff members performing blocks should ensure they are carrying them out in a fair and consistent manner, maintaining the collaborative and constructive environment of the wiki while addressing disruptive behavior effectively. Staff members are expected to adhere to these guidelines when issuing blocks and handling related matters.

  1. Notifying users of their block: Staff members should notify a user they have been blocked via their talk page, using the {{Block}} template.
    1. When issuing a block, staff must specify the reason for the block and its expiry. Additional relevant information may be included underneath the message to provide clarity and open discussion if necessary.
    2. Notification is not necessary if the user has recently created an account solely to perform mass vandalism or if they are a confirmed sock puppet of a previous vandal.
  2. Restrictions on talk page: Staff members should decide whether it is really necessary to block the user from editing their own talk page. In most cases, the talk page should remain open for the user to discuss their block if they feel they have been misunderstood, or if they believe their block is unfair.
    1. Talk page editing may be restricted if the user has a history of using their talk page for spam, hate speech towards other users, or threatening behavior towards Staff members.
  3. No Shrine for Vandals: All users, including Staff, are discouraged from making a fuss out of blocked users, particularly if they have been blocked for vandalism. Avoid unnecessary drama or attention.
  4. Unblocking users: Staff members should not unblock currently-blocked users without a valid reason or discussion among other Staff. The rationale for unblocking a user should be clearly communicated, and any disagreements among Staff members should be resolved through discussion.
    1. In the rare case that an agreement cannot be made, a Staff-only vote may be held at the Community Noticeboard.
  5. Issuing blocks with reason: Staff members should consider whether issuing the user with a warning beforehand is more appropriate if they haven't already been issued one. Users should not be issued with blocks without a clear and valid reason. The reason for the block should be specific and relate to the user's actions that violated Policies.
  6. Blocking other Staff members: In situations involving the blocking of other Staff members, it should be dealt with appropriately and, if absolutely necessary, raised via the Community Noticeboard. Blocking Staff members should be a last resort, and it should only be done after thorough discussion and consideration of the situation.


  • If it has been deemed that user is able to discuss their block via their own talk page, users may appeal their block by replying to their talk page {{Block}} notification.
  • Users may also appeal a block via the GTA Wiki Discord #user-reports channel. This does not guarantee the user that their block will be rescinded.

Blocks after 1 April 2021

See: Fandom Global Policy

Have you talked to the admin on your wiki yet? If not, make a good faith effort to have that conversation on wiki or here on Community Central. Good faith means actually giving the admins time to respond. Escalating to staff when you’ve not given the admins a fair amount of time to respond will not be seen as a good faith effort. At least 24 hours is sufficient.
Only send in a support ticket via ZenDesk about a block if you have made a good faith effort to discuss your block with the admins (or can’t) and the block is longer than 2 weeks. If you meet those conditions, we’ll review it. You will be required to submit a link to said discussion.
— Fandom Help

Bans enacted prior to 1 April 2021

If users believe they have been wrongly blocked, or if they are able to prove to, or convince Staff they will not disobey the policy in future, blocked users may contact GTA Wiki Staff either on talk pages here, on Community Central (if talk page access has been denied here), or on the official GTA Wiki Discord #user-reports channel. This does not guarantee the user that their block will be rescinded.

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