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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

GTA Online Bonuses was an event in Grand Theft Auto Online. The event started on June 11, 2020, and ran until June 17, 2020. This event featured triple and double earnings and discounts on selected vehicles and properties.





  1. This week’s top prize is the Pegassi Torero, a Sports Classic, a collector’s item, and a throwback to economic boomtimes and lax road safety regulations all at once. Things were better then, weren’t they?
    New Podium Vehicle -Rockstar Games Newswire
  2. Take part in Business Battles this week for a shot at receiving the Brute Tee, Bollokan Tee or Chariot Tee. Ends June 17th.
    Business Battle Prizes - Rockstar Games Newswire
  3. The smell of burnt rubber, singed hair and octane is thick in the air. That can mean only one thing: The Arena War Series returns with a vengeance this week, paying out triple to any adrenaline addict willing to crawl into a roll-cage and risk life and limb for glory and monetary reward.
    Triple Rewards on Arena War Series - Rockstar Games Newswire
  4. If that all sounds a bit too life-sized and high stakes, you can always opt for something a little smaller in scale, like the RC Bandito Races that’re paying out 2X GTA$ & RP, all week long.
    Double Rewards on RC Bandito Races - Rockstar Games Newswire
  5. Or maybe you prefer getting your hands dirty, in which case you will be chuffed to learn that Simeon Yetarian is paying double for all Premium Deluxe Repo Work until June 17th.
    Double Rewards on Premium Deluxe Repo Work - Rockstar Games Newswire
  6. GTA Online players who have connected their Twitch Prime accounts to Social Club get a GTA$200,000 bonus just for playing between June 11th and 17th (bonus GTA$ will be deposited into your Maze Bank account within 72 hours). If you also played GTA Online last week, keep that streak going all throughout the next 3 weeks to earn up to GTA$1,000,000 in total.There’s also a rebate available to Twitch Prime subscribers on the base property price for Pixel Pe te’s Arcade property, and special discounts on a pair of vehicles: 80% off the Annis RE-7B supercar and 70% off the Pegassi Infernus Classic.
    Twitch Prime Bonuses - Rockstar Games Newswire