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San Andreas Mercenaries is a content update for Grand Theft Auto Online, released on June 13, 2023.


Join a Renegade Outfit to Take Down Merryweather and Other Dangerous Adversaries in the Next Explosive GTA Online Update.
It’s no secret Merryweather Security are as corrupt as everyone else in this town — but now there’s talk on the street that these shady contract killers are scaling up and squeezing out any rogue competition across Southern San Andreas. For freelance professionals in the criminal underground, this could be the last straw — it’s time to hit them where it hurts. Take flight alongside a team of elite pilots and ex-military operators to do battle against the monolithic forces of San Andreas’ largest private military in GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries, an action-packed new update spanning the streets, seas, and skies on June 13.


Missions & Gamemodes[]

Project Overthrow[]

Charlie Reed’s got an impressive résumé — beyond his work as an aircraft mechanic in the Hangar, he’s an ex-military operator with significant experience assisting in various Heists around Los Santos over the years. He’s also been working on a plan called Project Overthrow — a multipronged attack on Merryweather Security to knock them well and truly off their perch.
— Rockstar Newswire.

Main article: Project Overthrow

A set of six missions available for 1-4 players. Players join an elite group of mercenaries organized by Charlie Reed known as the "Los Santos Angels" in order to take on the massive power and grip of Merryweather Security.

LSA Operations[]

Also initiated from the new Operations Terminal, the Los Santos Angels can take on three private contracts in daring LSA Operations. Each of these presents an opportunity to acquire an Outfit for first-time completion and rotate through optional bonus objectives with each replay for an additional pay bump.
These include jumping out of a chopper and onto the deck of an aircraft carrier under cover of darkness, calling in a bombing run, and using an EMP blast to knock out a government installation. LSA Operations can also be launched by calling Charlie directly from your iFruit after your Operations Terminal has been installed.
— Rockstar Newswire.

Main article: LSA Operations

A set of three Free Mode "private contracts" available from the Avenger Operations Terminal, or from calling Charlie Reed on the player's IFruit phone.

Free Trade Shipping Co.[]

It’s a new day for smuggling operations, as Hangar properties are being upgraded to host a suite of new abilities and features.
— Rockstar Newswire.

Several overhauls were made to the Free Trade Shipping Co and Air Freight Cargo missions:

  • Rooster McCraw has been recruited by Charlie Reed to help manage Air Freight Cargo for the player. similar to Lupe in the Cargo Warehouse. Rooster can source Air Freight Cargo for a $25,000 fee.
  • The Hangar set-up mission can now be bypassed for a small fee.
  • Four new "Land" options for Air Fright Cargo Steal Missions were added:
    • Air Freight Cargo: Deal infiltration
    • Air Freight Cargo: Garage break-in
    • Air Freight Cargo: Sunken treasure
    • Air Freight Cargo: Streamer216 crash-site
  • Four new "Land" options for Air Freight Cargo Sell Missions were added:
    • Air Freight Sale: Vagrant
    • Air Freight Sale: Phantom & Trailer
    • Air Freight Sale: Ratel
    • Air Freight Sale: Apocalypse Issi

RC Bandito Time Trials[]

Five new RC Bandito Time Trials have been added to the existing rotation. These Trials will now also rotate daily, allowing players to claim the par time reward each day.

  • Backlot City
  • Paleto Forest Sawmill
  • East Vinewood Park
  • Vinewood Bowl
  • Rogers Salvage & Scrap

Finders Keepers[]

Added with Independence Day 2023, Finders Keepers is a new Random Event where players may apprehend gang vehicle convoys and steal vehicles carrying valuable cargo in order to replenish their businesses.

Armored Truck Robberies[]

Help balance the economic scales by pilfering briefcases full of dough from corporate security transports, rerouting high-profile client’s assets across the state. These armored vehicles are purported to be impenetrable, but any trained technician knows that if you hit a piñata in the right spot with enough force, the goodies come tumbling out. Stop the trucks, steal the cash.
— Rockstar Newswire.

Main article: Armored Trucks

Added with Armored Trucks Week, The Armored Trucks Random Event returned to GTA Online after being removed with the Freemode Events update in 2015.

Junk Energy Time Trials[]

For fans of extreme sports, Junk Energy is synonymous with spikes of adrenaline, racing heart rates, and unnaturally fast reaction speeds. Junk Energy’s latest venture is no change of pace, with a range of Time Trials for the new Inductor that rotate daily and test riders’ talents.
— Rockstar Newswire.

Added with La Coureuse Week, Junk Energy Time Trials are race trials using the Junk Energy Inductor mountain bike that change over daily.

Assault on Cayo Perico[]

A tropical island sounds like paradise, until you’re caught in an intense crossfire. Return to the scene of one of the most ambitious GTA Online adventures in Assault on Cayo Perico — a new Adversary Mode that pits teams of Attackers and Defenders against each other on the distant island’s gorgeous shores.
— Rockstar Newswire.

Main article: Assault on Cayo Perico

Added with Assault on Cayo Perico Week, Assault on Cayo Perico is a new Adversary Mode involving a team of Attackers attempting to claim sections of and fully invade the island of Cayo Perico, pushing against Defenders and their multiple modes of defense.

Ghosts Exposed[]

Local paranormal investigators, Ghosts Exposed, need your help uncovering evidence of apparitions haunting the citizens of Southern San Andreas. Seek out these spirits, snap photos of them with your iFruit’s camera, and send your grainy photographic proof to the team for GTA$ and RP.
— Rockstar Newswire.

Main article: Ghosts Exposed

Added with Halloween 2023 (Week 2), Ghosts Exposed is a new Collectible requiring the player to visit various locations across Blaine County and take photos of ghosts to submit to a ghost-hunting documentary team of the same name.

New Halloween Deathmatches[]

Compete in a trio of new Halloween Deathmatches that tap into the season’s morbid and macabre atmosphere.
— Rockstar Newswire.

Main articles: Drop Dead, Suck It Up, and Damned and Lost

With Halloween 2023 (Week 2), three new Halloween-themed Deathmatch modes were added: Drop Dead, Suck It Up, and Damned and Lost.

  • Drop Dead: "he dead are rising, and they’re only after one thing — the living. In this Team Deathmatch, the living fight for survival against the dead. To win, all they must do is outlast the attack. If they die, they join the dead to continue the hunt until there’s no soul left alive. The dead have no blips, move swiftly, can climb and regenerate their health faster, so keep your wits about you."
  • Suck It Up: "Go head-to-head in this gruesome Deathmatch where dealing damage keeps you on your feet. That’s right, drain the life from your enemies and add it to your own. Just like your toxic ex used to do. Lives are limited and your own health drains over time, so you better pick your victim fast."
  • Damned and Lost: "Welcome to the Free-for-All Deathmatch of your nightmares. A maze full of opponents with no blips while they’re on the move. Face your fears around every corner until you’re the last one standing."

Random Event: Possessed Animals[]

Troubling news reports indicate a spike in sightings of possessed creatures attacking innocent bystanders. Weazel News and local administrators are warning residents to approach these entities with extreme caution, as they’re known to morph into more menacing forms when approached or provoked.
— Rockstar Newswire.

With Halloween 2023 (Week 2), the Possessed Animals Random Event was added. Players can come across normal-looking animals across Los Santos and Blaine County, only for them to become "possessed" and attack the player.

New Characters[]

In order of appearance:


[E&E] Vinewood Car Club[]

Main article: The Vinewood Club

The Vinewood Car Club — a new location for members of The Vinewood Club where you’ll have access to a curated stock of distinct vehicles to test drive, order to your location and use while in Freemode, and purchase at an exclusive discount of 20% or more. You can also inspect the complimentary GTA+ vehicle inside The Vinewood Car Club and claim it directly from that location.

As part of a new premium perks service included with GTA+, The Vinewood Club, the Vinewood Car Club is a new vehicle showroom on Elysian Island in Los Santos. Similar to the Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom, the Vinewood Car Club will offer a collection of premium vehicles to test drive each month, along with exclusive steep discounts for the vehicles on display. It will also feature a large podium displaying that month's free vehicle offered with GTA+.

Hangars Overhaul[]

Main article: Hangars

Several new additions, features, and overhauls to Hangars were added:

  • The Mammoth Avenger can be modified from the Hangar, and does not require a Hangar or Facility to be stored or accessed.
  • A Mk II Weapons Workshop was added to the Hangar.
  • Bowls of Snacks was added for the player to replinish their stock.
    • Only available if the player has upgraded the hangar office furnishings.
  • Additional weapon pickups were added around the Hangar.
  • A poster for the San Andreas Flight School was added to the Hangar, allowing the player to teleport directly to the Flight School for flight training.


A total of 17 new vehicles were added, as well as new customization options for existing vehicles.

  • 7 vehicles were available for purchase immediately.
  • Four new vehicles feature optional Imani Tech modifications in the Agency Workshop:
  • Four new vehicles are available for Hao's Special Works [E&E] conversions:
    • Maibatsu MonstroCiti
    • Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT
    • Bravado Buffalo EVX
    • Penaud La Coureuse
  • The Mammoth Avenger received new weaponry and defensive options, available exclusively through Charlie Reed in the Hangar:
    • Pilot Operated Machine Guns
    • Pilot Operated Missiles
    • Autopilot Defenses:
      • Stealth Module
      • Missile Lock-On Jammer
    • A duplicate "prop" variant with closed blades is also included, similar to the original Avenger model.
  • A duplicate variant of the Streamer216 exists (under the model name 216cstreamer, which is an invalid file name), identical but completely unused. This has not been included in the total number of vehicles.
Image Name Description
Available to purchase immediately
Mammoth Avenger A new variant of the Avenger. Replaces the original Avenger when upgraded with Charlie Reed's upgrades in the Hangar.
Folded-blade model of the Hangar-upgraded variant, used in Facility entry and exit cutscenes.
Vapid Clique Wagon A 2-door wagon based on 1951 Ford Country Squire.
Mammoth F-160 Raiju A fighter jet with VTOL capabilities based on the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II and Lockheed YF-22.
Maibatsu MonstroCiti A 2-door off-road competition car based on the 1997-99 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution (V55W).
Vapid Ratel A 2-door off-road buggy primarily based on the Brenthel Industries Class 1 Buggy.
Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT A GT sports car based on the Ferrari Roma.
Vapid Speedo Custom A new variant of the Speedo Custom, now available as a freely customizable Personal Vehicle.
Mammoth Streamer216 A twin-engine prop plane based on the de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter.
Declasse Walton L35 A 2-door lifted pickup truck based on 1991-1993 Chevrolet S-10.
Unlocked as part of Event Weeks Week
Bravado Buffalo EVX A 2-door electric muscle car based on the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT. Buffalo EVX Week
June 22, 2023
Penaud La Coureuse A track-focused electric hatchback based on the 2022 Renault R5 Turbo 3E. La Coureuse Week
July 20, 2023
Coil Inductor An electric motor-powered bicycle based on the Delfast 3.0. La Coureuse Week
July 20, 2023
Coil Junk Energy Inductor A Junk Energy Drink branded variant of the Inductor. La Coureuse Week
July 20, 2023
Buckingham Weaponized Conada A weaponized variant of the Buckingham Conada based on the MD Helicopters 969 Twin Attack. Assault on Cayo Perico Week
August 10, 2023
Bravado Hotring Hellfire A hotring variant of the Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire based on the Dodge Challenger SRT TA2. GTA V 10th Anniversary Week
September 14, 2023
Albany Brigham A 4-door station wagon based on the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor. Returning from Grand Theft Auto. Brigham Week
October 12, 2023


1 weapon was released:

Image Name Description
Vom Feuer Tactical SMG A new SMG with drive-by capabilities based on the Steyr TMP.


As part of next week’s explosive new GTA Online update — featuring new missions, vehicles, events, and much more — we’re continuing to improve the online experience with a number of experiential updates and upgrades across all available platforms.

Controls & Gameplay[]

  • An alternate sprint control option for controllers was added to the Settings Menu. Players may now hold the face button (A (Xbox) for Xbox, Cross (PlayStation) for PlayStation) to sprint instead of rapidly tapping.
  • Enabling and disabling VTOL modes for eligible aircraft was moved to holding the left control stick (L3 (PlayStation) for PlayStation,Left Stick Button (Xbox) for Xbox).
  • A Buy All option when purchasing Body Armor at Ammu-Nation was added, allowing players to purchase the maximum 10 vests all at once.
  • Rank requirements for higher levels of Body Armor were removed.
  • Body Armor is now restocked after Quick Restarting a mission, along with Snacks and Ammo.
  • When replenishing Body Armor through the Weapon Wheel, the type of Armor used is relative to the amount of armor damage the player has taken.
    • E.G. If the player has taken only 20% damage to their armor, a Super Light Body Armor (Worth 20% armor), if in the player's inventory, will be used to replenish that damage, instead of larger sizes.
  • When Parachuting or in Freefall, players no longer receive calls from Tom Connors or English Dave.
  • The Orbital Cannon no longer has the ability to be instantly reset or refunded.

Missions & Gamemodes[]

Unlisted changes[]

  • Players are no longer allowed to share cash from Freemode challenges and select VIP Work.
  • Gun Van-exclusive weaponry can no longer be purchased or modified from an Agency Armory.
  • Weapon skins for the knife and baseball bat can now be changed in Ammu-Nation, which was previously only available via the Gun Van inventory.
  • The cooldown for Payphone Hits was increased to one in-game day (48 minutes).
  • Random Event: Smuggler Plane's RP reward was reduced from 25,000 to 2,000.
  • The Aircraft Carrier Assault Business Battle was disabled.
    • The Cluckin’ Bell factory Business Battle was re-enabled.
  • Players can no longer skip mod shop cutscenes by switching weapons before entering.
  • Nightclub patron missions added with the Criminal Enterprises update will spawn less-frequently after already throwing out a troublemaker.
  • NPC Fooliganz in The Freakshop now greet and farewell the player.
  • Player camera no longer freezes while increasing acid production in the Acid Lab.
  • Player-owned bicycles are now automatically insured and are automatically returned to their respective garages upon being destroyed.
  • Bicycles are no longer valid for Vehicle Remote Function options within the Interaction Menu.
  • Bicycles are no longer allowed to enter the Avenger’s workshop.
  • The previously-blacklisted Vapid Youga Custom from The Contract update is now listed as a valid Personal Vehicle, likely due to it being rewarded from the Career Progress.
  • The HSW-upgraded Weeny Issi Rally now includes an HSW Elite livery, which it previously lacked from the standard HSW-based customization.
  • Alternatively, players can now visit the Freakshop to speak with Dax to launch a Fooligan Job.
    • This does not bypass any already-active mission cooldowns.
  • The Baseball Bat was added to Ammu-Nation.

Delisted vehicles[]

See also: Vehicles removed for purchase in GTA Online

Vehicles deemed "lesser-used" were delisted from in-game vehicle websites. They will be made available later through the Premium Deluxe Motorsport and Luxury Autos showrooms, the Lucky Wheel, and other locations.

Southern San Andreas Super Autos

Legendary Motorsport

Warstock Cache & Carry

Benny's Original Motor Works


Content Creator[]

We’re always amazed by the ingenuity of the GTA Online community — creating the incredible Deathmatches, Races, and more featured in our regularly updated Community Series. A number of additions and updates are being made to the Rockstar Creator to continue fostering the kind of imaginative chaos that can only be experienced in Southern San Andreas.
— Rockstar Newswire.

The Content Creator received multiple changes, additions, and overhauls:

  • New props are available in all Creator modes, including giant License Plate Walls, eCola cans, destructible fences, underwater mines, and more.
  • Three new hay bale wall props in the barriers category were added.
  • A new ‘Holiday’ category was added, which includes seasonal props and obstacles such as tombstones and pumpkins.
  • The weather options for Snow and Halloween for Deathmatches, Races, and Survivals was added.
  • The option to toggle music during created missions was added.
  • The option for designated Team Outfits was added.
  • A new "Dynamic Teams" option for Deathmathes was added, where players can change teams when respawning.
  • A new "Health Drain" option was added, where players lose health over time.
  • New radar blip options was added.
  • The ability to lock time of day and weather options in the lobby was added.
  • New options to change respawn time for item and weapon pickups was added.
  • Increased number of enemy spawn points in Survivals was added.
  • The King of the Hill Creator mode now has the ability to remove map fixtures.
  • The prop limit on the PC version was increased to 300.

Career Progress[]

Track your criminal activities with Career Progress — a new feature that displays your progression as you rise through the criminal ranks and establish your empire. This will be accessible on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S from the GTA Online Main Menu or the Pause Menu, making it easier for both fresh-faced and veteran players to see all their accomplishments at a glance.
— Rockstar Newswire.

Main article: Career Progress

Exclusively for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S Editions, The Career Progress feature was added. This gives access to a range of challenges across GTA Online and provides exclusive rewards for players to earn. Career Progress can be accessed via the Landing Page and Pause menu. Each section of Career Progress will have 4 tiers of challenges added, and a reward to be claimed for completing each tier.

Character Customization[]

  • 170 pieces of male clothing and accessories were added to clothing stores.
  • Over 220 pieces of female clothing and accessories were added to clothing stores.
  • 2 new male hairstyles was added.
  • 1 new female hairstyle was added.


Image Name Start End
Project Overthrow Week (November 2023) Project Overthrow Week (November 2023) November 30, 2023 December 11, 2023
Diamond Casino Bonuses Week Diamond Casino Bonuses Week November 23, 2023 November 29, 2023
The Doomsday Heist Week The Doomsday Heist Week November 16, 2023 November 22, 2023
Sprunk & eCola Week Sprunk & eCola Week November 9, 2023 November 15, 2023
GTA+-November2023-GTAOee-Header GTA+ November 2023 November 9, 2023 December 11, 2023
Short Trips Week Short Trips Week November 2, 2023 November 8, 2023
Halloween 2023 (Week 4) Halloween 2023 (Week 4) October 26, 2023 November 1, 2023
Halloween 2023 (Week 3) Halloween 2023 (Week 3) October 19, 2023 October 25, 2023
Halloween 2023 (Week 2) Halloween 2023 (Week 2) October 12, 2023 October 18, 2023
GTA+-October-2023-GTAOee-Header GTA+ October 2023 October 12, 2023 November 8, 2023
Halloween 2023 (Week 1) Halloween 2023 (Week 1) October 5, 2023 October 11, 2023
Business Production Boosts Week Business Production Boosts Week September 28, 2023 October 4, 2023
Auto Shop Bonuses Week Auto Shop Bonuses Week September 21, 2023 September 27, 2023
GTA V 10th Anniversary Week GTA V 10th Anniversary Week September 14, 2023 September 20, 2023
GTA+-September-2023-GTAOee-Header GTA+ September 2023 September 14, 2023 October 11, 2023
Acid Lab Mission Bonuses Week Acid Lab Mission Bonuses Week September 7, 2023 September 13, 2023
Nightclub Bonuses Week (August 2023) Nightclub Bonuses Week (August 2023) August 31, 2023 September 6, 2023
Biker Bonuses Week Biker Bonuses Week August 24, 2023 August 30, 2023
GTA+-August-2023-GTAOee-Header GTA+ August 2023 August 17, 2023 September 13, 2023
Executive Bonuses Week Executive Bonuses Week August 17, 2023 August 23, 2023
GTA Online Bonuses (August 2023) Assault on Cayo Perico Week August 10, 2023 August 16, 2023
GTA Online Bonuses (August 2023) GTA Online Bonuses (August 2023) August 3, 2023 August 9, 2023
2023 Summer Racing Event (Week 2) 2023 Summer Racing Event (Week 2) July 27, 2023 August 2, 2023
GTA+-July2023-GTAOee-Header GTA+ July 2023 July 20, 2023 August 16, 2023
LaCoureuseWeek-GTAOe-Header La Coureuse Week July 20, 2023 July 26, 2023
ArmoredTrucksWeek-GTAOe-Header Armored Trucks Week July 13, 2023 July 19, 2023
ProjectOverthrowWeek-GTAOe-Header Project Overthrow Week July 6, 2023 July 12, 2023
IndependenceDay2023-GTAOe-Header Independence Day 2023 June 29, 2023 July 5, 2023
BuffaloEVXWeek-GTAOe-Header Buffalo EVX Week June 22, 2023 June 28, 2023
GTA+-June2023-GTAOee-Header GTA+ June 2023 June 13, 2023 July 19, 2023
SanAndreasMercenaries-GTAO-Artwork San Andreas Mercenaries June 13, 2023 June 21, 2023


Official Screenshots[]

June 2nd Newswire release[]

June 8th Newswire[]

The Vinewood Club Newswire[]

June 13th Newswire[]


Dripfed Vehicles[]

Trailer Screenshots[]


GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries Coming June 13
The Vinewood Car Club
GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries Now Available
GTA Online: The Mammoth Avenger
Celebrate Ten Years of Grand Theft Auto V
Halloween in GTA Online




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