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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

GTA Online: Gunrunning is a content update for Grand Theft Auto Online, released on June 13, 2017.


Dotted throughout Blaine County are hatches look into these mysterious properties on the Maze Bank Foreclosure site and you’ll find sprawling underground headquarters for sale, ready to be stocked with new military grade vehicles and weapons manufacturing equipment capable of developing highly sought after offensive and defensive technologies. As the residents of Los Santos know, the only thing more fun than crime is profit and should you choose to invest in this new business, some extremely shady customers are ready to pay top dollar for what you can deliver.

Stay tuned for more on Gunrunning, including specific business and research opportunities, details on the massive tactical, full-service Mobile Operation Centers complete with new weapon upgrades and deep customization, all new Weaponized Vehicles and more.
— Rockstar Newswire.

The update focuses on military business opportunities, where any player is able to purchase a Bunker and register as a VIP, CEO or MC President to begin arms trading missions, where research and manufacture is carried out on stolen or purchased supplies, before selling off the product for cash. The player is also able to purchase a Mobile Operations Center and conduct missions, modify vehicles and weapons, and store new vehicles inside it.


  • Bunkers have been added. Players can purchase a Bunker from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. Bunkers can be customized with a choice of add-ons such as a Personal Quarters, a Shooting Range, a Gun Locker and Transportation. Upon purchasing a Bunker, VIP, CEO or MC President Players will gain access to the Gunrunning Business.
  • The Gunrunning Business has been added. The Gunrunning Business is managed via the Disruption Logistics website on the laptop inside the Bunker, and allows players to Resupply and Sell the weapons generated by their Gunrunning Business. The Disruption Logistics website is also used to manage Bunker Staff, Research and buy Bunker Upgrades.
  • The Mobile Operations Center (MOC) has been added. The MOC is a Truck and Trailer property that can be driven in Freemode, and can be purchased once a player owns a Bunker. Players can customize their MOC with a choice of Truck Cab, Trailer Bays and Interior Color. The MOC Trailer has space for 3 different Trailer Bays.

New Characters

Character Customization

  • Over 690 clothing items, 10 outfits, and 138 masks have been added.
  • 4 new hairstyles have been added, two male and two female.
  • 31 new tattoos have been added.
  • The ability to open and close various jackets and coats via the interaction menu has been added, this only works with certain clothing.
  • The ability to put down and put up hoodies via the interaction menu has been added, this only works with certain clothing.


19 new vehicles:

  • 10 are Weaponized Vehicles
  • 3 are trailers
  • 2 are custom trucks
  • 2 are restricted/mission-only vehicles
  • 4 are regular vehicles
Image Name Description
Available to purchase immediately
DuneFAV-GTAO-front.png BF Dune FAV A Fast Attack Vehicle variant of the Dune Buggy, based on the Desert Patrol Vehicle.
Halftrack-GTAO-front.png Bravado Half-track A half-track variant of the Duneloader, based on the M3 Half-track and Sd.Kfz. 7.
WeaponizedTampa-GTAO-front.png Declasse Weaponized Tampa A weaponized and armored variant of the Tampa, based on the Roadkill vehicle from the Twisted Metal series.
APC-GTAO-front.png HVY APC A weaponized Armored Personal Carrier, based on the BRDM-2. Returning from The Ballad of Gay Tony.
HaulerCustom-GTAO-front.png Jobuilt Hauler Custom A customized variant of the Hauler.
PhantomCustom-GTAO-front.png Jobuilt Phantom Custom A customized variant of the Phantom.
MobileOperationsCenter-GTAO-front.png Pegasus Mobile Operations Center A new trailer.
Oppressor-GTAO-front.png Pegassi Oppressor A new motorbike with a rocket boost and the ability to glide, based on a heavily modified Yamaha MX 175.
AntiAircraftTrailer-GTAO-front.png Vom Feuer Anti-Aircraft Trailer A new anti-aircraft trailer.
Restricted/Mission Only Vehicles
Caddy3-GTAO-front.png Caddy A new, redesigned, variant of the Caddy, used to travel around the Bunker.
Trailers4-GTAO-front.png Trailer (trailers4) A new container trailer able to be recolored.
Unlocked after Event Weeks Event Week
Vagner-GTAO-front.png Dewbauchee Vagner A new super car based on the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Independence Day 2017
June 30, 2017
CheetahClassic-GTAO-front.png Grotti Cheetah Classic A classic variant of the Cheetah, based on the Ferrari Testarossa. Cheetah Classic Week
July 11, 2017
TechnicalCustom-GTAO-front.png Karin Technical Custom A new variant of the Technical with customizations and a tow hook. Technical Custom Week
July 18, 2017
Torero-GTAO-front.png Pegassi Torero A new classic sports car based on the Lamborghini Countach. Torero Week
July 25, 2017
InsurgentPickupCustom-GTAO-front.png HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom A new variant of the Insurgent Pick-Up with customizations and a tow hook. Insurgent Pick-Up Custom Week
August 1, 2017
Nightshark-GTAO-front.png HVY Nightshark A new armored SUV based on the Dartz Combat and T-98 Kombat. Nightshark Week
August 8, 2017
XA21-GTAO-front.png Ocelot XA-21 A new super car based on the Jaguar C-X75. XA-21 Week
August 15, 2017
Ardent-GTAO-front.png Ocelot Ardent A new weaponized car based on the Lotus Esprit. Ardent Week
August 22, 2017


Bunker Adversary Modes

7 new Bunker themed Adversary Mode jobs:

  • Bunker - Every Bullet Counts
  • Bunker - Juggernaut
  • Bunker - Kill Quota
  • Bunker - Resurrection
  • Bunker - Slasher
  • Bunker - Till Death Do Us Part
  • Bunker - Trading Places

Mobile Operations

Main article: Mobile Operations

Mobile Operations missions accessed from the Mobile Operations Center, completion of which will lower the price of certain new vehicles at Warstock Cache & Carry.


  • Certain weapons can be upgraded to Mk II version from the MOC Weapon workshop bay with no research requirements:
  • New ammo types have been added for Mk II weapons, and can be equipped at the Weapon Workshop of an owned MOC once unlocked via Research. Held ammo capacity for these types is limited, and can only be refilled at the Weapon Workshop. The following ammo types are available:
    • Tracer Rounds, which show bright visible markers matching the weapon tint
    • Incendiary Rounds, which have a chance to set targets on fire
    • Hollow Point Rounds, which increase damage to unarmored targets
    • Armor Piercing Rounds, which increase penetration of Body Armor
    • Full Metal Jacket Rounds, which increase damage to vehicles and penetrate bullet proof and bullet resistant glass
    • Explosive Rounds, which create a small explosion on impact
  • Over 80 new weapon attachments, liveries and tints have been added for Mk II weapons, some of which are unlocked via Research. These include:
    • A selection of different scopes for each Mk II weapon, including Night Vision and Thermal vision scopes for the Heavy Sniper Mk II
    • Heavy Barrels, which increases damage dealt to long-range targets
    • Muzzle Brakes and Compensators, which reduce recoil during rapid fire
  • Attaching weapons to several vehicles.
  • New camos and paintjobs.


Bug Fixes

  • Vehicles with non-stock hoods can now be opened up in custom shops and via the interaction menu.
  • Improvements have been made in GTA Online to prevent crashes, improve the quality of matchmaking, and reduce the number of network connection issues such as disconnections and split sessions.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck in the sky after completing or quitting a Job.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck on a black screen when attempting to find a new session.

Discounts & Bonuses

  • Double RP in the Bunker Series playlist.
  • 25% discounts on selected vehicles:
  • 25% discounts on selected items and vehicle upgrades:
    • Body Armour
    • Vehicle Armour
    • Bulletproof Tires

Main article: Independence Day 2017
  • The Dewbauchee Vagner became available at Legendary Motorsport, for $1,535,000.
  • Independence Day Special content became available for all players until July 10th, 2017.
  • New Independence Day holiday-themed liveries for the Mk II weapons and the Mobile Operations Center.
  • The Liberator monster truck and the Sovereign bike became available with a 25% discount.
  • An Adversary Mode, Dawn Raid, became available.
  • Double GTA$ & RP for the Adversary Mode, Dawn Raid, until July 10th, 2017.
  • 25% off on all watercraft at DockTease.
  • 25% off all Cunning Stunts Clothing & Tattoos.
  • Several discounts on yachts.
    • 25% off on The Pisces.
    • 30% off on The Orion.
    • 35% off on The Aquarius.
    • 50% off on yacht modifications.
  • Premium Races and Time Trial schedules:
    • From June 30th - July 3rd
      • Premium Race: Spinner (locked to Super)
      • Time Trial: Fort Zancudo
    • From July 4th - July 10th
  • Players who log in to GTA Online between June 30th to July 10th will receive two Rockstar Noise Tees; the "Noise Tee" and "Noise Rockstar Logo Tee", a white one with "Rockstar Games" on it and a black one with the Rockstar logo, respectively. Both also debuted in the Rockstar Warehouse during the same week.

Main article: Cheetah Classic Week

Main article: Technical Custom Week
  • The Karin Technical can be converted into its custom variant at the MOC, for $142,500.
  • Double GTA$ & RP for the Adversary Mode, Overtime Rumble, until July 24th, 2017.
  • Bunker Arms Manufacturing is now boosted by 25% through July 24th, 2017.
  • Salaries for all Bodyguards and Associates are doubled between July 18th and July 24th, 2017.
  • 25% discount on the following items:
  • Completing a bunker sell mission at any point between July 18th and July 24th, 2017 grants the player the Black Ammu-Nation Hoodie.

Main article: Torero Week

  • The HVY Insurgent Pick-Up can be converted into its custom variant at the MOC, for $202,500.
  • Players who logged on during the event were awarded the Knuckleduster Pocket T-Shirt, which also debuted in the Rockstar Warehouse.
  • Double GTA$ & RP for the following modes through August 7th, 2017:
  • Discounted items through August 7th, 2017:
    • Bunker properties:
      • Farmhouse - 30% discount
      • Smoke Tree Road - 25% discount
      • Grapeseed - 10% discount
    • 25% off Bunker renovations and production upgrades
    • 25% discount on the Grotti X80 Proto and Ocelot Lynx.
    • 25% discount on Garage Properties.
  • Premium Race and Time Trial schedule:

Main article: Nightshark Week

Main article: XA-21 Week

Main article: Ardent Week


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