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This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.

Quotation.png Cunning Stunts Trailer (Goose - Synrise Soulwax Remix) QuotationReverse.png

Be daring, defy gravity and punch your fears straight in the mouth with Cunning Stunts, a visually surreal and over-the-top evolution to racing in GTA Online, coming Tuesday, July 12th.
— Rockstar Newswire description.

GTA Online: Cunning Stunts is a content update for Grand Theft Auto Online, released on July 12, 2016.[1]


The update introduces Stunt Races to the world of GTA Online, involving large circuits, loops, rings of fire and hamster-like tubes for players to race through. Several vehicles were added, including new super cars, off-road vehicles and stunt motorcycles. To accommodate this, many racing and motocross themed clothing items are now availiable for purchase. A new Adversary Mode, Entourage, is available as well.



* denotes races added in continuation of the initial DLC release.
One new adversary mode available:


The update includes 15 new vehicles:

  • 10 readily available to purchase with the initial release.
  • 5 released in event weeks.
Image Name Description
Available to purchase immediately
Annis RE-7B A new endurance racing car, heavily based on the Mazda 787B.
Emperor ETR1 A new endurance racing car, based on the Lexus LF-LC GT.
Grotti Brioso R/A A new compact racing car, based on the Fiat 500.
Lampadati Tropos Rallye A new compact rally car, based on the Lancia Stratos.
Nagasaki BF400 A new trophy motorcycle. Returning from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, now based on the KTM 450 Rally.
Obey Omnis A new compact rally car, based on the Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2.
Progen Tyrus A new endurance racing car, based on the McLaren F1 GTR.
Vapid Desert Raid A new off-road trophy truck, based on the Red Bull SMG Buggy.
Vapid Trophy Truck A new off-road trophy truck, based on the Ford F-150 Baja.
Western Gargoyle A new hillclimber motorcycle, based on the Indian 101 Scout.
Unlocked after Event weeks Event week
Declasse Drift Tampa A new drift variant of the Tampa, based on the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR. Cunning Stunts Bonuses I
July 19, 2016
Ocelot Lynx A new sports coupe, based on the Jaguar F-Type.
Western Cliffhanger A new stunt racing motorcycle, based on the Harley Davidson XR-750.
MTL Dune A new off-road rally truck. Returning from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, now based on the Dakar MAN TGS 480. Cunning Stunts Bonuses II
July 26, 2016
Vapid Contender A new sport utility truck. Returning from Grand Theft Auto IV, now based on the Toyota Tundra Crew Cab.

Four existing GTA V stock cars have also been added to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website for purchase, exclusive to returning players.

Character Customization

  • Over 150 clothing items and 28 outfits have been added.
  • 50 tattoos have been added.


  • Cleaned-up interaction menu.
  • Stunt Race Creator, released August 2, 2016.
  • The Tug's placeholder description is now fixed on the DockTease website.
  • The Phoenix can now be found without a spoiler in traffic or through modification at Los Santos Customs.
  • Fixed Brickade's manufacturer from HVY to MTL.
  • The Vindicator and Lectro are now able to use their KERS boost in races (if enabled in the Creator)

Discounts and Bonuses

  • Players who logged in during the event were awarded the Black Jock Cranley Jumpsuit.
  • 15% discounts on selected vehicle upgrades:
    • Engine
    • Brakes
    • Suspension
  • 20% discounts on selected properties:

  • Double GTA$ and RP in Rockstar-Created Stunt Races, until July 29, 2016.

Main article: Entourage Week
  • A new Adversary Mode, Entourage, was made available.
  • The Stunt Race Creator was made available.
  • Double GTA$ and RP rewards in the Entourage Adversary Mode.
  • 25% discounts on selected clothing and accessories:
    • Tattoos
    • Cunning Stunts Clothing

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  • Players who logged in during the event were awarded the Bahama Mamas T-Shirt.
  • Double GTA$ and RP rewards in the special Muscle Car Playlist.
  • Discounts on selected vehicle upgrades:
    • Air Filters - 25% Off
    • Benny's Upgrades - 50% Off
    • Bumpers - 25% Off
    • Chassis - 25% Off
    • Engine Bays - 25% Off
    • Fenders - 25% Off
    • Hydraulics - 50% Off
    • Interior mods - 25% Off
    • Liveries - 25% Off
    • Neon Kits - 25% Off
    • Plateholders - 25% Off
    • Roofs - 25% Off
    • Trunks - 25% Off
    • Vanity Plates - 25% Off
    • Wheels - 25% Off


Pre-release Screenshots

Official Screenshots



  • The song playing in the official trailer is Synrise (Soulwax Remix) by Goose. The song also plays on Soulwax FM.
  • The song playing in the Stunt Race Creator trailer is Flutes by Hot Chip. The song also plays on Radio Mirror Park.
  • The name of the update is a spoonerism. Switching around the C in cunning and St in stunt makes the phrase "Stunning Cunts", which could be another testament to Rockstar's humor. This also applies to the Cunning Stunt Academy.
  • In the artwork, the man on the left bears a striking resemblance to the late NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt.